Student Testimonials


Andrew Savage

"My experience in the MSA program at BGSU has been incredible. I chose the rigorous program at BGSU not only for the single year curriculum that allows students to quickly re-enter the workforce, but also for the quality of the program. Our instructors have teaching and research expertise in multiple disciplines. I have also fallen in love with the city, campus and the student community.”


Sara Tobe

"When I decided to pursue the M.S. program in Analytics at BGSU, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Coming from a Quality Engineering background, I had many concerns regarding the transition to this type of program. Soon after starting the first semester, I realized this program seeks to teach students from many different backgrounds, both professionally and educationally. The content is comprehensive and is a nice balance of technical applications and business philosophies. You have the ability to learn so many different things just from your classmates."


Kasthuri Rengan

"I was looking for a program that could be completed in a year and provided the depth of Analytics. I came across many universities but BGSU caught my eye because of the structure of its curriculum. The one year of study involves descriptive, perspective and predictive analytics which is the right mix of Analytics that the job industry is looking for. Also, being an international student, the living expenses in Bowling Green are very low compared to other cities."