Student Testimonials

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William Hardy, MSA Class of 2020 - “When I made the decision that I wanted to change careers and pursue a position in data analytics, I looked at many universities across the entire country.  I found Bowling Green unique in its curriculum  and length.  I did not find other universities that gave as broad a foundation in analytics (incorporating business, computer science, statistics, and operations research) for a program that lasts 12 months.  Other comparable universities either had a much narrower focus (i.e. a specific business analytics track) or took significantly longer to obtain the degree.  The staff and faculty in the program are very invested in the success of the students.  I am confident my decision to pursue the MSA program at BGSU will set me up for a rewarding career.”

TobeSara K. Tobe, MSA Class of 2017 - "The Analytics program at BGSU provided me with a unique experience that allowed me learn about innovative data analytic applications and how to apply these applications to real world situations. My experience in this program was invaluable. I was able to learn from professors across multiple departments, including statistics, computer science and business. The staff members involved in this program made the experience truly unique. They are determined to help you succeed and are willing to spend the extra time with you to make that happen.

In my current role, I use so much of the theory and practice I learned in the Analytics program. I am able to look at complex business problems and effectively develop solutions that utilize technological tools to effectively meet the project requirements.  I can effectively use data to tell a story that not only impacts business operations, but also improves the daily work activities of others. The Analytics program helped me obtain this unique skillset!"

Andrew Savage, MSA Class of 2017 - "My experience in the MSA program at BGSU has been incredible. I chose the rigorous program at BGSU not only for the single year curriculum that allows students to quickly re-enter the workforce, but also for the quality of the program. Our instructors have teaching and research expertise in multiple disciplines. I have also fallen in love with the city, campus and the student community.”

Kasthuri Rengan, MSA Class of 2017 - "I was looking for a program that could be completed in a year and provided the depth of Analytics. I came across many universities but BGSU caught my eye because of the structure of its curriculum. The one year of study involves descriptive, perspective and predictive analytics which is the right mix of Analytics that the job industry is looking for. Also, being an international student, the living expenses in Bowling Green are very low compared to other cities."

Bonita Romney, MSA Class of 2018 - “Coming from a background in statistics, I was striving to apply my knowledge in a meaningful and challenging way. The MSA program at BGSU is one that provides students with powerful tools and methods to approach real-world situations in analytics. My cohort consisted of students from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, and the program works to seamlessly cater to all backgrounds. In the MSA program you will gain insights into the front-end and back-end processes of business analytics. This multifaceted program has prepared me for a career I can be passionate about and revealed opportunities I had not previously considered. My advice to any prospective analytics students is to visit BGSU.  The program length, instructors, course quality and university environment is unparalleled.”


Updated: 11/03/2020 03:37PM