Study Abroad


The class destinations are high-demand locations and include key locations that BGSU students want to visit and experience. The class destinations provide an incredibly rich architectural experience for architecture students and non-architecture students alike. 

The cities visited are some of the western world’s greatest historical and contemporary architectural works and urban spaces. Their role as central contributors to the architectural, cultural, and economic development of western civilization is unprecedented. Each city provides a robust learning environment for students of all disciplines. 

This course has been developed to provide a structured experience that enables students to develop an in-depth understanding of the key architectural innovations that have contributed to the evolution of these critically significant cities and to the understanding of the global built environment. The countries and cities around which this course is organized remain the leading destination for students from the United States.

The 28-day course length provides a sufficient time frame for the students to experience a substantive cultural immersion without the costs associated with a full semester study abroad program. Additionally, this class length provides students with the opportunity to complete a co-op, take other classes during summer term, and engage in employment over the summer. 

2016 Study Abroad to England, France, Italy, London, Paris, Rome and Florence

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