Undergraduate Student Services Office

Advising and Registration for Spring 2021
Thank you for your continued patience as we work through our unique times.  Some staff in the Undergraduate Student Services Office have returned to the office while others are still working partially or fully remotely. While we are wanting to still limit foot traffic (and prevent there being large groups of waiting students), we have resumed some operations in 102 Tech Building during business hours of Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.  You may also call, 419.372.7581

Fall 2020 Flexible Grading
Per the message from President Rogers to all BGSU students on Friday, October 9, the University is allowing further flexible grading in Fall 2020.  Through November 18 (for full semester 15 week courses), students can elect to change any course they are enrolled in to the S/U grading option - which stands for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (known as Pass/Fail).  While traditionally some courses are not available to the S/U option for students (such as matriculation courses in the case of majors in the College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering), with this policy announcement, ANY course can be taken S/U - and the grade of S will satisfy the intended requirement.

Taking a course S/U means that a grade of A, B, or C will be converted to S (for Satisfactory) and credit will be earned; grades of D or F will be converted to U (for Unsatisfactory and credit will NOT be earned.   Neither S nor U will factor into a BGSU GPA.  Note - a grade of ATN F (Attendance F) can be earned when it is reported that students have stopped attending/participating in a class. The ATN F overrides an S/U and is factored into the GPA. 

To change the grading option of a course to S/U, visit Records Service and see the “Updating Grading Basis” orange box – that will bring up a .pdf that will show you step by step how you go into MyBGSU and change said grading option.

Dropping a Fall 2020 Course
Should you wish to drop a Fall 2020 course (you have until November 18 to drop a regular Fall 15 week session course) please see Drop Class Form.  The specific information requested for the course can be found in your MyBGSU Student Center. 

Spring 2021 Advising and Registration
Regisgtration and Records created a helpful resources for information about registration. Please check it out.

Enrollment Date:
You can find your enrollment date by doing the following:
Log into your MyBGSU Student Center -> Click on “Classes & Registration” Tile -> left hand menu “Enrollment Dates”  That will show you when you are first able to process course registration for Spring 2021.

All continuing students will have an initial Enrollment Date between October 26 and November 5.   Keep an eye on your MyBGSU account to make sure you do not have any registration holds on your account as your registration date nears.

Degree Audit:
To access your electronic degree audit: Log into your MyBGSU -> Click on Student Center -> Click on “Degree Progress” Tile -> left hand menu “Degree Audit”  You will then want to "Run Audit" at the bottom of the page (as it is set to run your current major/degree program. Another page will come up and after a short time (usually only 10-15 seconds) a new audit will appear and you can then click "view audit" on the right side which brings up your audit.  Handy Tip: click on the “Open all sections” link just under the chart/graph areaIt can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it is a valuable tool - especially if you pair it with your degree checksheet. 

Should you have further questions about your Spring 2021 Schedule, the best mechanism is to follow up directly with your advisor by e-mail.

Note: First Year Students or others with a Mandatory Advising Hold should have received information from your CTAAE Advisor on steps needed to have that hold released.  Please reach out directly to your advisor.

Advisor for Engineering Technology, Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology, Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Aviation Engineering Technology, and Architecture
Tesfu Hambir – thambir@bgsu.edu

Advisor for Aviation: Flight Technology & Operations and Airport Management & Operations
Francesca Santogrossi – fsanto@bgsu.edu

Advisor for Construction Management and Visual Communication Technology
Jared Tuberty – jaredt@bgsu.edu

Direct any questions about Co-op to coop@bgsu.edu or see Co-op Office Responce to COVID-19.

Jared Tuberty, Ph.D.
Director of Advising
College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering
Bowling Green State University