Undergraduate Student Services Office

Academic Advising Plan during COVID-19 Response

First off, thank you for your patience and understanding as we are all working under unique circumstances. With the most recent announcements by President Rogers of BGSU’s response to COVID-19 of students not returning to campus and staff working remotely, we have a few changes to make sure we can still service all students with academic advising questions. All advising appointments will be done via email or over the phone.

Please continue to check your BGSU e-mail and periodically check the website.  Should you have other questions you may also email your advisor or cotservices@bgsu.edu. Our e-mail volume may increase, but we will respond as quickly as we are able.

Jared Tuberty, Ph.D.
Director of Advising
College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering
Bowling Green State University

Individual Advising Appointments

You can schedule a telephone appointment just like you would an in-person one. 

  • Log into your MyBGSU portal and on the first page, you will find a link under the heading “Navigate.”  When you schedule the specific day and time, in the comment box, include “Telephone Appointment” and provide the phone number the advisor can call to reach you at that time. 
  • Feel free to reach out to your advisor with an initial e-mail to start a conversation.  Questions may be answered via e-mail or a follow up phone call can be scheduled.

Spring 2020 Class Schedule Changes

For SPRING 2020 semester only, students are permitted to choose S/U grading for any or all courses.  Additionally, the deadline to DROP a class has been extended.  The process for students to follow is:

  • To DROP a class (grade of W on transcript – no GPA impact) DEADLINE is MAY 8
  • To select the S/U grading option (C's, B's, A's are converted to "S" - no GPA impact; D's, F's converted to "U" - no credit earned and no GPA impact) DEADLINE is MAY 29

General Advice about this (you may also wish to follow up with your academic advisor)

  • If a student feels as though a failing grade is imminent, then DROPPING the class before May 8 might make sense, especially if doing so relieves some stress and enables the student to focus their energy on their remaining classes. 
  • Otherwise, during this unique COVID-19 semester, most students are advised to do their best and wait to decide until grades are posted.  Then, prior to May 29, students can decide about converting grades to S/U.  
    • Students may want to keep letter grades (A's and B's);
    • Consider converting any C's to S;
    • Decide what to do about any D's (converting to S/U means the credit for the class is lost - some students might decide that they can live with a D grade);
    • Consider converting any F's to U

Fall 2020 Registration

You can find your Fall enrollment date in your MyBGSU Student Center.  Click on the “Classes and Registration” Tile and then see “Enrollment Dates” on the left-hand menu.

The Fall 2020 Course Offerings are on-line and you are able to start putting courses into your Shopping Cart.  That can also be found in the “Classes & Registration” Tile.

 You can access your electronic Degree Audit in the “Degree Progress” tile. 

  • When you click on Degree Audit, a page will come up with your current major, you can then click “Run Audit” at the bottom of the page. 
  • This will bring up a new page and after a short wait, a new audit will appear – click “view audit” on the right side of the page
  • It is helpful to then click on “Open all section” which is a link just under the chart/graph area.  This then opens up each requirement. 
  • While there is a great deal of information that may not make sense at first, take some time to explore it.  It also makes more sense when you view it along with your specific degree checksheet.

There are resources for understanding your Degree Audit. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to your advisor with more questions or concerns.  


The Cooperative Education Office in the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering at BGSU is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of its students, employers, faculty, staff, and all stake holders during these unprecedented times in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see the Co-op Office Response to COVID-19, relating to both students and employers, for detailed information to the co-op program.