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Welcome to BGSU's College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering.

The College is committed to helping anyone who wants to earn a college degree. That includes First-year students directly out of high school; Transfer students from other college institutions; Distance learners who wish to complete a degree program; and Graduate students seeking a challenging program in the next chapter of their higher education journey.

Program Highlights

  • We require 1-3 paid co-op experiences
  • Classroom settings are a mix of lectures and hands-on experiences
  • Students can use co-ops to transition into full-time job opportunities
  • We are one of 12 accredited co-op education programs in the nation
  • Students apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world settings

Careers of the Future

The College offers an individualized mix of innovative undergraduate programs. The undergraduate programs lead to different degrees. Our focus is a hands-on approach to education. Most programs are accredited by either AABI, ABET, ATMAE, NCATE, NAAB or ACCE.

Students can choose to complete any of our Undergraduate Programs.

The College offers an array of graduate areas of study geared to prepare professionals for some of today's most in-demand, emerging job markets. Our faculty is made up of recognized leaders in their respective fields, providing highly personalized attention within a learner-centered environment. This strong mentoring community strikes just the right balance of the most current, relevant theory with hands-on, practical knowledge that prepares our graduates to succeed in a rapidly evolving, global environment.

Students can choose to complete any of our Graduate Programs.

Cooperative Education Program

The College helps students GO FAR through our cooperative education program. Our co-op program integrates academic coursework with work experience in a student’s field of study. Students in all programs are required to complete 1-3 semester-long paid Cooperative Education Experiences.

Learn more about our Cooperative Education Program.

The College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering students have completed co-ops with companies including:

First Year Student Experience

Learn more about what you can expect as a first-year student in your major from students who have already been there! Check out what these real College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering students had to say about their first semester at BGSU.

First Year Student Videos

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