About the College

The College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering is committed to helping anyone who wants to earn a college degree. That includes first-year students directly out of high school; transfer students from other college institutions; distance learners who wish to complete a degree program; and graduate students seeking a challenging program in the next chapter of their higher education journey.

Careers of the Future

The College offers an individualized mix of innovative undergraduate programs. The undergraduate programs lead to different degrees. Our focus is a hands-on approach to education. Students in all programs are required to complete 1-3 semester-long paid cooperative education experiences. Most programs are accredited by either AABI, ABET, ATMAE, NCATE, NAAB or ACCE.

Students can choose to complete any of our undergraduate programs.

The College offers an array of graduate areas of study geared to prepare professionals for some of today's most in-demand, emerging job markets. Our faculty is made up of recognized leaders in their respective fields, providing highly personalized attention within a learner-centered environment. This strong mentoring community strikes just the right balance of the most current, relevant theory with hands-on, practical knowledge that prepares our graduates to succeed in a rapidly evolving, global environment.

Students can choose to complete any of our graduate programs.

Organization of the College

The College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering academic structure consists of three schools:

  • The School of Aviation
  • The School of the Built Environment
  • The School of Engineering

Download the college org chart and the school programs chart.

School of the Built Environment

The school is comprised of two established areas of study that work together to accomplish more than they could alone (to create synergistic collaboration). The school offers a transformative experience for students who seek to engage in design-build innovation and create exemplary places, structures and systems to shape the future of our built environment. The mission and core values of the school highlight the impact and significance of architectural practice and construction management on the user, the environment, and the broader socio-economic context.

Design-create-explore. Learn how to address challenges in the built environment — with an emphasis on design thinking, technical expertise, creative making, and entrepreneurial experience in the architecture, construction and design fields.

The school provides undergraduate programs through majors in architecture and environmental design and construction management. The graduate programs consist of a Master of Architecture and a Master of Technology Management, with a specialization in construction management and a graduate certification program in MTM-CM.

Our facility provides students with real-world experience and prepares them for evolving technology and processes that will be more adaptable and cohesive in the future. Student learning environments are designed to encourage interaction between students and faculty to promote creativity and critical thinking. Students are immersed in a cutting-edge interdisciplinary learning environment that seamlessly infuses design, technical and management education.

School of Engineering

The school provides the highest quality education in engineering and technology that is current and relevant to our stakeholders. We strive to ensure that all our graduates have a strong technical background with teamwork and leadership skills, problem solving and communication skills, involvement in extra-curricular activities, and the practical background of co-op and internship experiences. We believe that emphasizing these areas will prepare our students work-ready on day one of their jobs and make well qualified to take leadership roles in the future.

The school provides undergraduate programs through majors in applied technologies: engineering technologies, management and technology (online), quality systems (online), visual communication technology and majors in engineering: electronics and computer engineering, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, robotics engineering, and systems engineering. Led by highly qualified faculty with significant industry experience, each area is charged to maintain a curriculum that prepares the engineering and technology leaders in their fields of endeavor. Our education programs are very hands-on, experiential, life-long learning focused, and enjoy an excellent synergetic partnership with local industries.  We maintain the highest quality degree offerings as all our programs are currently accredited by either ABET or ATMAE.

The school provides strong graduate programs including a Master of Science in Logistics Systems Engineering that blends engineering skills with business skills; a Master of Technology Management, with specializations in Engineering Technology and Quality Systems, a Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology, and two graduate certification programs in MTM-QS and IDT. All our programs blend technology with the fields of manufacturing, engineering, quality, and management to prepare graduates to work in the era of technology. Our faculty and graduate students are engaged in research and publish their research in relevant peer reviewed engineering and technology journals.

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