Sending Materials to Depository

Library staff wanting to send items to the Depository should inform the Depot manager at or 419-372-5761. Please give some advance notice for larger deliveries so that staff can ensure there is sufficient storage space for the materials as they are accessioned.

Staff sending materials are responsible for ensuring that all sent items have item records including a barcode, with the barcode affixed to the book, box, DVD case, etc. We add a Depository barcode to the item, but both barcodes are needed on each item. The bibliographic and item locations should be updated to the appropriate depot location. Finally, the items should be suppressed from both the OhioLINK catalog and institution’s catalog so that it cannot be requested until processed.

We have a supply of cardboard boxes that we can send for shipping new materials to the Depot. Please use these boxes as bigger boxes may be too heavy to lift.  

For large deliveries, BGSU library staff should work with the Budget Office to have campus movers transport the materials. For smaller deliveries (approximately 5 boxes or less) those can be sent through the campus courier that comes to the Depot every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. UT library staff will have to make their own arrangements for shipping new materials to the Depot.

Updated: 10/23/2023 03:41PM