The Learning Commons earns accreditation through the International Center for Supplemental Instruction

Travis Brown, Director of the Learning Commons is proud to announce the achievement. The accredited status establishes the BGSU SI program’s highest quality of supporting students through difficult courses. “Our SI program earning accredited status is significant because it demonstrates we have exceptional student and professional staff committed to student learning at Bowling Green State University.”

Brown credits the accomplishment to Assistant Director, Jeremy Joseph. “As an assistant director for the Learning Commons, Jeremy Joseph worked to earn the accredited status for our SI program. Jeremy’s dedication to the program’s success is evident by the leadership and support he provides our SI leaders through pre-semester training sessions, ongoing meetings, and session observations.’

SI allows students to engage course material in a hands-on manner through structured study sessions, said Jeremy Joseph about Supplemental Instruction. Joseph’s leadership for the program and management of the application process were instrumental to the Learning Commons SI program’s success as an academic support service for BGSU students. Joseph oversees SI and manages the BGSU SI Leaders. “This proven method of studying is greatly enhanced by the direct support of our cooperating faculty member who recognize how SI results in a productive classroom discussions, greater student confidence, and higher course grades.”

Among the list of benefits of accreditation, assistant director, Jeremy Joseph, now has the ability to certify SI Leaders. BGSU’s Learning Commons will also receive acknowledgement on the University of Missouri – Kansas City website.

Information about the Learning Commons and Supplemental Instruction

Updated: 06/05/2023 09:16AM