Course Reserves Resume Spring 2021

Image of items previously available by course reserves. Abnormal Psychology is in focus. Items available will be located across from the circulation desk.

Beginning spring semester 2021 Course Reserves will be available in the Jerome Library. Items will be limited.

Patrons who are familiar with the Course Reserves process should expect some minor changes. Items previously stored behind the Circulation Desk will now be located across from the Circulation Desk by the windows of Market at Jerome.

Patrons will locate their items and complete the check out process at the circulation desk. The goal of this new process is to reduce contact. When items are returned the items will be placed on the return truck, which will have designated signage.

Reminder – items cannot leave the building.

If you are interested in offering a book via course reserves, please contact:

Students: Details regarding specific items offered for course reserves will be available in January.