9 things BGSU students should know about Jerome Library

Jerome Sky Background

1.   The University Libraries is more than just books.

Jerome Library has access to around 7 million resources. The resources include multiple databases, journals, ebooks, and much more!

  • It doesn’t stop at resources! The Jerome Library is several floors of space essential to making the most of your academic experience at BGSU. The Special Collections on floors 2-6 have resources available for research and personal interests.
  • Surround yourself in an inspirational space. The Collab Lab located on the first floor of Jerome is an area complete with flexible seating where individuals or groups can formulate an objective in an environment created for design thinking. Use the stationary or mobile whiteboards to map out an idea. iMac stations are available complete with Adobe and other software.

2.   Work directly with the experts…research experts.

Librarians are waiting and ready to help you find appropriate sources to complete projects or papers. Schedule an Individual Research Appointment with one of our library staff today! Select a general research appointment or select a match based on subject matter or collection.

The Learning Commons located on the first floor of Jerome offers tutoring, academic coaching and supplemental instruction! The Learning Commons Staff have experience in teaching & learning while the tutors (who are BGSU students) are trained under the CRLA International Tutor Training Program. The Supplemental Instruction program at BGSU achieved its accreditation from The International Center for Supplemental Instruction at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

3.   Make research papers more enjoyable. They don’t have to be boring.

Within the library there are multiple services available to make your research paper creative and scholarly. With the right help, library services can help you find appropriate sources on a topic that is interesting to you. A writing consultation in the Learning Commons can help ensure you submit your best work.

4.   Jerome is there for you anytime, anywhere!

The library staff has returned to the building to serve patrons on campus. However, you can access all resources, chats, and some services virtually. Visit the library services page to learn more.

5.   Save money by coming to Jerome.

College is expensive! One-way BGSU and the University Libraries try to ease the burden for students is by textbook affordability. Textbooks.bgsu.edu is the website for students to compare prices for required course materials through several major retailers BUT….

Before you purchase any course materials stop by Jerome Library to check if your materials may be available through Course Reserves. Course Reserves are available at no cost to the student and are available to use within the building throughout the semester. Use the Course Reserves Website to search for materials by author, title, course number, or instructor.

6.   Study your way.

The study spaces on floors 1, 7, and 8 differ in the study vibe but whether you want to independently study, collaborate on a project, or just be productive with friends we have the space for you. The first floor has group study rooms available for reservation, including one classroom-type room if you have a big group or event. The Collab Lab located on the first floor is a space for creation and ideation. Don’t worry about being too quiet (except on the 8th floor), we aren’t that kind of library.  We talked about the group and individual study areas on the first, seventh, and eighth floors but there are plenty of other spaces to fit any studying style.

The Learning Commons is wide open, has lots of natural light, and best of all you can ask for help if you get stuck with what you’re doing.

  • In good weather there are umbrella tables on the 2nd floor patio. Pro tip: there’s no access from the interior of the building, so go up the front ramps, not out the emergency exit doors! We aren’t joking, the alarm WILL sound.
  • Wander through the first-floor stacks and find tables tucked away in random nooks.
  • Many of the floors in Special Collections have study space as well – tables, couches, and booths!

7.   Libraries share.

You know that the library will lend books to students, but did you know that libraries lend books to each other?

Jerome Library is part of the OhioLINK system, which means daily deliveries of books & more from libraries state wide sharing our materials, we get access to millions of titles instead of the half million or so in our building. With ILL, we also can reach out to libraries beyond OhioLINK to find (practically) any book or journal article you need, at no cost to you.

8.   Jerome is iconic!

The Drumm Mural on the exterior of Jerome can be seen for miles. Jerome Library opened in 1967 named after former BGSU President Wm. T. Jerome. The mural was created by artist-in-residence Donald Drumm, also responsible for several other sculptures around campus. The murals were intended to be visually interesting rather than symbolic. As the indoor aesthetic gets updated, colorful versions of Drumm’s designs are added into both atriums on Jerome’s first floor.

9.   A place for everyone!

Jerome Library is more than just a building with books and study spaces. For over 50 years, Jerome has been a place where BGSU students have created life-long memories. Our building is truly a safe space. Whether you are looking for research assistance, tutoring, or just have a question, we may not know all the answers, but the UL faculty and staff will help direct you through the process. College is stressful enough! Know that no matter who you are, you are valued and have a space at Jerome!

Updated: 06/05/2023 09:16AM