University Laptop FAQ

Laptops are the standard University device offering for many reasons. Laptops offer the user features comparable to a desktop device, but with added convenience, mobility and flexibility while also increasing the effectiveness of the University's limited resources.

Our recommended setup is a laptop plus one monitor with a dock and wireless keyboard/mouse. This provides the user with the advantages of a laptop, but they can also enjoy a setup similar to a desktop when their laptop is plugged into the dock. Every laptop comes with a dock, wireless mouse and wireless keyboard.

In many circumstances, a laptop eliminates the need for multiple devices and helps to reduce ITS' inventory. Actively reducing our campus computer inventory helps to keep the University sustainable and free up resources for other endeavors. 

No, you do not. By connecting to the BGSU network via Pulse Secure, users can securely access resources on the BGSU network while off-campus. Use Pulse Secure to connect to secure websites, BGSU file shares, on-campus only software, etc.

If you prefer a larger screen, we recommend connecting your device to a monitor via a dock. We offer a 24" monitor and dock. You can request to purchase one of these items from ITS by completing the University Device Request form.

More Information About University Devices

Yes! You can request a wireless or wired mouse/keyboard using our University Device Request form. For more information regarding the purchase of device accessories or add-ons, please review the Device & Accessory Purchasing Guidelines webpage.

The university does not intend to replicate employees’ campus offices in their home, so no employee should be purchasing additional monitors beyond the standard two monitors to furnish a home office.

Please refer to the University's Flexible Work and Remote Work policy, section G,3,B for more information.  

Updated: 06/28/2023 03:55PM