Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional Education, or IPE, is when two or more programs (sometimes within a college, sometimes intercollege) come together to present learning opportunity for students to see how the two professional areas meet and complement one another.

The College of Health and Human services presented a three-part Interprofessional Education series for students addressing the intersection of patient care and the justice system, beginning in fall 2022 with a simulation scenario in the School of Nursing Skills Laboratory. Students of different discliplines were grouped together, working through a scenario with a patient to collaborate care and resolution.

The second installment of the series was a Human Trafficking Symposium hosted at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union on April 6th 2023, featuring the School of Nursing's RN-to-BSN Coordinator, Dr. Lara Wilken. Read more about the symposium, and about Dr. Wilken.

The third installment of the series will be held in the fall of 2023, and will focus on human trafficking training for the healthcare provider.

Updated: 05/02/2023 11:51AM