College Credit Plus Credentialing

High School Teachers Seeking College Credit Plus (CCP) Credentialing

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) has several content areas available for high school teachers seeking the credentials necessary in order to teach college level courses for CCP in the state of Ohio. Minimum credentials for teaching requires a master’s degree and at least 18 credit hours in the discipline that the teacher will be instructing at the college level. If the master’s degree is in the content/discipline, then this satisfies the state of Ohio’s minimum criteria. However, the ability to teach college courses is subject to the approval of the academic department for which the individual would be teaching.

Some of these content areas are fully on-line, while some are blended (partially online and partially face-to-face). Of these content areas, several are fully developed master’s degree programs designed to assist teachers in strengthening their content areas. Others are certificate programs (or developing certificate programs) which will provide the minimum CCP content necessary (18 credit hours). These certificates may be completed alone to satisfy Ohio credentialing needs or used to transfer the credits later into a master’s degree program.

Current content area programs appropriate for high school or middle school teachers include:

Master’s Degree Programs:

English  (Specialization in English Teaching – completely online)
Music      (Music Education – Teaching Artistry – completely online)
History  (Blended online available)
Art           (See web page for various graduate programs)
Spanish  (Blended online available)

Certificates: (certificates that are less than 18 credits simply require the student to take additional credits to equal 18 for credentialing)

Public History
College Writing: Theory & Practice (English)
French for Professionals and Educators
German for Professionals and Educators
History for Professionals and Educators
Political Science for Professional Educators

The following certificates will be available by the end of Fall 2017. However, teachers may enroll in their available courses now as non-degree/guest students and then transfer those credits into the certificate. See list of courses here.

Certificate in Biological Sciences for Educators and Other Professionals
Certificate in Mathematics for Professionals and Educators
Certificate in Spanish for Professionals and Educators  

For additional information visit the College Credit Plus program website, and for direct contact, see:

David Janik
  Director, Pre-College Programs
  Contact about CCP Partnerships and MOU’s.
  Contact person for school administrators.

For additional information about applying to and enrolling in a BGSU graduate program or enrolling into courses as a non-degree student, please see:

Sheri Leatherman
  Coordinator of Graduate Recruitment and Orientation
  Graduate College, BGSU
  419- 372-7711