Department of History


Welcome to the webpage of the Department of History.  We are a community of scholars and students engaged in the creation and communication of knowledge about societies in the past and present.

We serve about 120 students in the History major, as well as more than 350 minors, including teaching candidates in the Integrated Social Studies program. Through flexibility and variety in our plan of studies, we foster skills in independent research, analysis and communication that are highly valued in the job market. Our internships and awards foster and recognize academic achievement, community work, and successful careers.

Our graduate programs are recognized by the high quality of our education and the successful careers of our graduates.  We offer a range of Masters programs designed to prepare graduate students to apply for doctoral work elsewhere or to become historians in their own right in classrooms, archives, museums, historical societies, and other institutions.  Our programs provide a broad foundation in research, content and historical writing, while keeping an emphasis in policy studies and in the relationship of the historian with the public.  We provide practical preparation for the professional world of history.

The department’s faculty maintains areas of specialty in a number of geographic regions, including North America and the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Transcending these geographic categories, however, the faculty collectively possesses areas of expertise in a number of thematic areas that cross traditional boundaries, allowing our students the opportunity to become truly global, comparative, and interdisciplinary historians. These thematic areas include:

  • The Atlantic World
  • Digital Methods
  • Diplomatic/International
  • Economic Development and Institutions
  • Education and Science
  • Empire and Post-Colonial Studies
  • Ethnicity and Race
  • Gender, Women, and the Family
  • Local and Public History (Ohio, Great Lakes, and Canada)
  • Migration, Immigration, and Diaspora
  • Nuclear Studies
  • Nutrition, Health, and Medicine
  • Public Policy
  • War and Society