Step 6: Hiring Approval

1. Hiring Authorization Process

After recording the outcomes of the on-campus interviews in HireTouch, each Finalist who successfully completed the interview process and who is still being considered for the position will have a button in the Hiring/Approval column in HireTouch. The Chair/Director will select the top finalist in the HireTouch Applicants list in order to create a Faculty Applicant Selection Authorization (FASA) Form. See Hiring Approval – Faculty Applicant Selection Authorization Form for details.  The first step is uploading the Hiring Rationale Memo.

The next step is completing the Faculty Applicant Selection Authorization Form.  This form is prepopulated with the information for the selected Finalist and the position.  Fields to be completed are:

  • Candidate Preference – Is this Finalist the Primary (top) finalist?  Or is the Finalist an Alternate?
  • Proposal Salary – This may be a salary range, the max salary that has been approve for the position, or another salary amount determined by the Chair’s/Director’s discussion with the Finalist.  The amount should be the best estimate for the official offer.  A proposed salary above the max salary may result in a delay (or denial of) approval.
  • Stipend – Optional.  Enter a dollar amount if applicable.
  • Budget Notes – Optional.

The final step is assigning Approvers.  The Academic Unit will assign the appropriate individual to each of these Approver roles:

  • Hiring Manager, Chair or Director: Chair or Director
  • Assistant/Associate VP/Dean or Director: Dean (see note below)
  • University Director of Budgets: Group Approval
  • HR Equity & Diversity Officer: Equity & Diversity Officer
  • Provost Office: Provost’s Office Representative

Note: Please check with your College to verify whether an additional approver in the college office (e.g., an associate dean) should be added to the list of approvers before the Dean.

The Provost’s Office Representative will notify the Academic Unit and College when the Finalist has been approved and an official offer may be extended.  Approval of the Finalist is required before an official offer may be made.

2. Approval Process
Approvers will receive an email from HireTouch that indicates that a Finalist has been recommended to receive a formal offer for the position.  Each approver may review the Hiring Rationale Memo before approving the FASA Form.  The Reject option should only be used if the rejection is permanent.  See Approving Faculty Applicant Selection Form.

3. Pre-Employment Background Check
HireTouch will automatically notify Human Resources to request that the background process be initiated for the Finalist.