Step 5: Conducting Interviews

1. Scheduling Interviews
The Academic Unit contacts each Finalist to schedule an on-campus interview. Depending on travel and scheduling arrangements, campus interviews are generally one to two days in length. The Interview Itinerary introduces Finalists to the campus community and assists them as they prepare for the structure and expectations of their on-campus interviews. When time permits, campus and community tours are suggested.

Listed below are individuals and groups suggested for inclusion in the interview process:

  • Academic Unit Faculty Members
  • Academic Unit Chair/Director
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Directors of Relevant Centers or Institutes
  • Faculty Members with Related Interdisciplinary Interests
  • Vice President for Research/Dean of the Graduate College
  • Director of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPAR)
  • College Dean
  • Provost, if under consideration for tenure (Interviewing Procedures for Applicants of Tenured Positions)

Academic Units should consult with the College Office to confirm that all appropriate individuals and groups have been scheduled.

The Search Committee e-mails each Finalist a confirmation of the interview with the following:

  • Campus Interview Itinerary (Itinerary Example)
  • Travel arrangements
  • Flight/hotel information
  • Suggestions for finalist presentation(s)
  • Notification of missing credentials

See sample Letter of Confirmation: Final Campus Interview.

The Search Committee notifies relevant groups and individuals of interview dates, times and locations and underscores the importance of their active participation.

HireTouch can be used to send notifications to the Finalists, the Search Committee and others regarding the schedule of interviews.  HireTouch will automatically attach an Outlook meeting request.  Additional documents related to the interview may also be uploaded and attached. See Scheduling Interviews.

2. Interview
Every effort should be made to ensure that the interview experience for the Finalist is consistent for all Finalists, follows the on-campus Interview Itinerary, and is a positive experience for the Finalist. Faculty and students should be reminded of the schedule of events. Facilities and presentation technology should be verified.

It is customary to provide the Finalist with an information packet. The Academic Unit should coordinate with the College Office to reduce any duplication of effort. See Possible Contents for Finalist Information Packet.

Feedback should be collected from individuals who meet with each Finalist. An example of an evaluation/feedback sheet is provided Screen 4 Sample - Finalist Evaluation form.pdf.

Remember that the Finalists are making their own assessments about BGSU and its suitability for career development and success. They may also have questions or concerns about the community. While scheduling the interview, each Finalist should be offered an opportunity to personalize the visit to BGSU in order to address these questions or concerns.

3. Preliminary Discussion of Offer
The Dean or Chair/Director should discuss with each Finalist what would constitute a satisfactory offer for the Finalist during the campus interview. Collecting data regarding an offer package at this time can ensure that an appointment letter is sent in a timely manner after final approval is received. If the Finalist for a tenure-track position has potential Prior Academic Service Credit in a similar position at another university, refer to “Prior Service Credit” in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Article 14, Section

4. Review of Finalists
The Search Committee reviews and summarizes data from the evaluation/feedback forms. The Search Committee and faculty meet to review and rank the Finalists. The Search Committee writes recommendation with updated Strengths & Weaknesses and submits recommendation to the Chair/Director.  The Chair/Director writes a Hiring Rationale Memo that includes the updated Strengths & Weaknesses.

Tenure-track Searches. Per Article 14, Section 4.3.5 of the CBA, eligible faculty will establish by majority vote the preferred finalist or ranking of the Finalists. The Chair/Director will make available her/his independent recommendation of the Finalists to the unit faculty.

Non-tenure Track Searches. Per Article 14, Section 4.4.3 of the CBA, eligible faculty will meet and establish by majority vote the preferred Finalist or ranking of the Finalists. The Chair/Director will make available her/his independent recommendation of the Finalists to the unit faculty.  

5. Recording the Outcome of the Interviews
The Chair/Director, in consultation with the Search Committee Chair, records the outcomes of the interviews. See Campus Interviews Completed.  In HireTouch, the SCHD On-Campus Interview field is used to record:

  • if a Finalist withdrew from consideration by declining an interview (Withdrew),
  • if a Finalist is no longer considered acceptable after the on-campus interview (Completed – No Longer Considered),
  • if a Finalist is acceptable and should proceed to the next step in HireTouch (Completed).

A status of Completed for the Campus Interview will result in an indicator arrow in the Hiring/Approval column in HireTouch for that finalist.  The top finalist will be selected in the Hiring Approval – Faculty Applicant Selection Authorization Form stage of HireTouch.

If a Finalist is no longer being considered for the position, a Disposition Code should be entered into the Disposition field in HireTouch.