Step 7: Extending Offer and Concluding Search

1. Negotiating Terms of the Offer
The Dean concludes negotiations with the Finalist in consultation with the Chair/Director and VPREE. If necessary, the VPREE’s New Faculty Start-up Summary is routed for signatures. The Chair/Director should check with the College Office for additional forms related to requesting a contract.  If the Finalist for a tenure-track position has potential Prior Academic Service Credit in a similar position at another university, refer to “Prior Service Credit” in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Article 14, Section

2. Making the Offer
The College prepares and sends the Appointment Letter to the Appointee. Evergreen templates of Appointment Letters may be found on One Drive.  The following forms may be included as appropriate:

Most of these forms can be found at the OHR web site under New Employee Forms.

3. Creating the Faculty Credential File
The College Office notifies the Academic Unit when the original signed Appointment Letter is received. The College Office forwards the complete credential file to the Provost’s Office with the following materials:

4. Closing the Job Process
The Academic Unit is responsible for recording the acceptance of the offer and closing the search in HireTouch.  See Offer Response Documented, Sending Rejection Letters & Closing Job.  The Chair/Director should document in HireTouch whether the proposed Appointee Accepted or Rejected the offer.

When the proposed Appointee has officially accepted the offer, other Candidates/Finalists should be notified that the position has been filled.  HireTouch can be used to send an e-mail to Applicants/Candidates/Finalists.  As a courtesy, Applicants/Candidates should be notified as early as possible if they are no longer being considered for the position (see below).

When all actions related to the search are complete, the Job should be closed in HireTouch.

5. Notifying Applicants, Candidates, Finalists Who Were Not Selected
Applicants should be notified as early as possible that they are no longer under consideration for the position. Applicants who have been identified as not meeting the requirements listed in the PVA after Screen 1 should be notified at that time. An example letter is provided, Letter of Regret – Applicants.

Candidates who have been identified as not viable Finalists should be notified after Screen 2 or Screen 3. An example letter is provided, Letter of Regret – Candidates.

When the signed Appointment Letter is received, the other Finalists should be notified. An example letter is provided, Letter of Regret – Finalists.