Overview of Faculty Recruiting Process


A robust, diverse and dedicated faculty is essential to student success and to the overall success of the University. Article 14, Sections 2 and 4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement outline the process for the appointment and hiring of nontenure-track and probationary tenure-track faculty, respectively. Such requests should be considered during the strategic planning process in each academic unit and new faculty position requests should align with the strategic initiatives of the University. The final decisions on approval of a position and faculty hiring are made by the Dean and Provost.  Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), Article 14, Sections 4.3.1 and 4.4.1, the request for a new faculty position is typicallymay be initiated by the majority of the faculty in an academic unit in consultation with the unit’s Chair/Director.   

This document addresses the process to be followed once the Provost has indicated preliminary approval of a position in consultation with the College Dean. The materials presented here should be used in conjunction with materials presented at the Office of Human Resources (OHR) website.

Step 1: Preparing and Obtaining Authorization to Post Position

  • The Dean prepares a Provost Approval to Initiate Faculty Search (PAIFS) form for the faculty position to be requested in order to receive official authorization from the Provost to start a search.
  • The Upon receiving official authorization, the Dean notifies the Academic Unit that a position has been approved. Notification should include the essential position data from the PAIFS form (TT/NTT, rank, renewable/term, area of specialization, maximum salary, etc.).
  • The Dean, Vice President for Research & Economic Engagement (VPREE) and Department Chair/School Director discuss possible start-up package issues and funding sources.
  • The Academic Unit forms a Search Committee, develops a Faculty Position Vacancy Announcement (FPVA) (long and short ad) and a recruiting plan.
  • The Chair/Director inputs position data into the Faculty Position Request (FPR) application.
  • The College reviews the FPR.  If there are issues or discrepancies, the FPR is returned to the Academic Unit for revisions.  If there are no issues, the FPR is routed to the Provost’s Office.
  • The Provost’s Office Representative creates a HireTouch Job Template for the position and notifies the College and Academic Unit when completed.
  • The Academic Unit creates a Position Authorization in HireTouch by entering the search committee members, budget information for search related expenses, essential position data, and the recruiting plan..
  • The Chair/Director submits Faculty Position Authorization Form (FPAF), Faculty Position Recruitment Plan Checklist, PVA (long and short ads) for review.
  • Search Committee completes Search Committee Orientation.
  • The Dean, ProvostUniversity Director of Budgets, and HR Equity & Diversity Officer review and approve the FPAF and supportingPosition Authorization materials in HireTouch. and notifyThe Provost’s Office Representative notifies the College and Academic Unit when approved.
  • Search Committee completes Search Committee Orientation.

Step 2: Recruiting and Preparing for Campus Interviews

  • The Chair/Director, Search Committee Chair, and Academic Unit staff members review roles and duties that each will perform during the search.
  • The Search Committee and Chair/Director establish a time line for screening of applications and on-site interviews. The Chair/Director notifies the faculty in the unit of the timeline.
  • Position description is posted by the Academic Unit per the Recruitment Plan entered in HireTouch.
  • •    As applicants Applicants apply in HireTouch, HireTouch will send an acknowledgement e-mail that the application is complete (letter of application and CV have been uploaded).
  • •    If additional materials are required from the applicantApplicant, the Academic Unit shall send each applicant Applicant an acknowledgement with a list of additional items to submit.  Although HireTouch will send each applicant Applicant an acknowledgment and information about BGSU, the Academic Unit may wish to send a brief, personal "recruitment communication" highlighting the Academic Unit and/or the College.

Step 3: Screening of Applicants

  • The Search Committee reviews applications in HireTouch (Review by Search Committee) and identifies qualified candidates Candidates as determined by the criteria included in the PVAFPVA.
  • The Search Committee performs reference checks on selected candidates Candidates as determined by the criteria included in the PVAFPVA.
  • The Search Committee conducts phone screening interviews with candidates Candidates as determined by the criteria included in the PVAFPVA. (Optional)
  • Per the CBA, eligible faculty in the Academic Unitmay vote and rank Candidates to be invited for campus interviews.
  • After the application deadline and after all candidates Applicants have been reviewed, the Search Committee writes a Request to Interview Rationale Memo listing the Strengths & Weaknessesstrengths and weaknesses of the Finalist Finalists Candidates to be invited for a campus interview.
  • The Search Committee Chair enters Committee Review Process status for proposed Finalist Finalists Candidates to be considered for interviews.
  • The Academic Unit contacts the proposed Finalist Finalists Candidates to confirm that they are still interested in the position and available for interviews.

Step 4: Approval of Interviewee List

  • The Academic UnitSearch Committee Chair uploads the Request to Interview Rationale Memo to HireTouch (Phone Interview & Begin On-Campus Interview Process) and sends a correspondence to the Chair/Director (RTI - Committee to Dept Chair/School Director - Faculty).
  • The Academic Unit initiates the Request to Interview (RTI) approval process by sending the appropriateChair/Director reviews the Request to Interview Rational Memo and sends a correspondence (RTI – Dept Depart Chair/School Director to Dean (or designee) – Faculty) to the College Dean in HireTouch. 
  • The Dean completes the Dean’s EEO Certification and uploads to HireTouch.
  • The Dean sends the appropriate correspondence (RTI - Dean (or Designee) EEO Certification to Provost - Faculty) to the Provost in HireTouch.  The correspondence contains the Dean’s EEO Certification.
  • The Provost reviews the RTI and supporting materials and sends the appropriate correspondence (RTI – Provost Certification to HR Equity & Diversity Officer - Faculty) to OHR.
  • The HR Equity & Diversity Officer reviews the RTI and supporting materials and notifies the College and Academic Unit when approved.

Step 5: Conducting Interviews

  • The Academic Unit contacts each Finalist Finalist Candidate and schedules interviews making the appropriate arrangements for the Finalist FinalistCandidate.
  • During each Finalist Finalist’s Candidate’s interview, feedback forms are distributed and collected during each finalist’s the interview.
  • The Search Committee summarizes data from the feedback forms.
  • The Search Committee and faculty meet to review and rank finaliststhe Finalist Candidates.
  • The Search Committee writes a recommendation with updated Strengths & Weaknesses and submits the recommendation to the Chair/Director.

Step 6: Hiring Approval

  • The Academic Unit updates On-Campus Interview Status of each Finalist Finalist Candidate in HireTouch.
  • The Chair/Director reviews the recommendation, uploads the Hiring Rationale Memo, and completes the Faculty Applicant Selection Authorization Form in HireTouch.
  • The Chair/Director assigns Approvers in HireTouch, which will start the approval process.
  • HireTouch notifies OHR to request pre-employment background check.
  • The Provost’s Office Representative will notify the Academic Unit and College when the Finalist has been approved and an official offer may be extended.

Step 7: Extending Offer and Concluding the Search

  • The Dean or his/her designee negotiates the offer with the Finalist including start-up package, consulting with the Chair/Director and VPREE as necessary.
  • The Dean prepares the appointment letter and sends to the FinalistAppointee.
  • The Academic Unit notifies other Applicants/Candidates/Finalists Finalist Candidates that the position has been filled once the offer has been accepted in writing and closes the Job Process in HireTouch.  See Offer Response Documented, Sending Rejection Letters & Closing Job.

last updated: July 2017