Special Circumstances

1. Hire by Invitation
An appropriate search will be conducted for all positions. Only in rare circumstances will a search be waived (e.g., Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 16: Spousal Hires). See By-Invitation Appointments.

2. Collapsing (Crashing) a Search

  • Request to Collapse a Search

The College Dean sends a memo to the Provost and the HR Equity & Diversity Officer requesting permission to collapse the search. The memo should include Job Opening Number, Rank, Department, College, and reason for the request. An example memo is provided, Collapse Search Request.

  • Approval of Collapse of Search

If approving the request to collapse, both the Provost and the HR Equity & Diversity Officer sign the memo. The approved memo is returned to the College Office.

  • Notifying Applicants of Collapsed Search

The Academic Unit notifies all Applicants that the search has been collapsed.  See Collapse Search Request - letter to applicant.

3. Provost Financial Support for Faculty Searches
The Provost’s Office will provide funds to assist Academic Units with the expenses related to faculty recruiting. It is important that units track these expenses appropriately. See Faculty Recruitment Memo 2015.