Step 4: Approval of Interviewee List

1. Request to Interview (RTI)
The Search Committee Chair uploads the Request to Interview Rationale Memo in HireTouch and sends a correspondence, “RTI – Committee to Dept Chair/School Director-Faculty,” to the Chair/Director.  See Phone Interview & Begin On-Campus Interview Process for instructions.

The Chair/Director reviews the recommendation of the Search Committee and the credentials of the proposed Finalists. The Chair/Director writes an independent evaluation. If the Chair/Director disagrees with the Search Committee recommendation, the Chair/Director shall notify the faculty, with explanation, and shall meet with the faculty and attempt to reconcile the differences. The Chair/Director uploads her/his memo and sends a correspondence, “RTI – Dept Chair/School Director to Dean (or Designee)-Faculty,” to the Dean (or the Dean’s designee).  See Approval From Department Chair/School Director for instructions.

2. Dean’s EEO Certification
Upon receiving the HireTouch correspondence from the Chair/Director, the Dean sends a correspondence, “RTI – Dean (or Designee) EEO Certification to Provost-Faculty,” to the Provost.  The content of this correspondence is the Dean’s EEO Certification, attesting to appropriate efforts to advance the University’s interest in diversity.  See Approval from Dean for instructions. Additional information regarding the certification process can be found in EEO Mid-Point Review Guidelines.

3. Provost and HR Equity Officer Review
The Provost reviews and sends a correspondence, “RTI – Provost Certification to HR Equity & Diversity Officer - Faculty,” in HireTouch.  See Approval from Provost for instructions.

The HR Equity & Diversity Officer reviews and sends a correspondence to the Search Committee Chair and Department Support indicating approval.