Make A Gift

How to give to the Learning Commons

Thank you for considering The Learning Commons for your generous gift to BGSU. If you have ever attempted giving a gift on BGSU’s website, you know how difficult it is to navigate that page. Never fear! We are here to help! We'll even try to get some of the work done for you.

First, let’s open the gift page. The Learning Commons should be preselected for you as a giving option.

If The Learning Commons was not preselected, here is how you select that program. To designate your gift, click on the blue link "Click here to choose the designation(s) for your gift". This will open a box containing a folder tree. Scroll down. The Learning Commons is listed under “Special Programs / Provost”.

The rest of the process is now all about you. Please provide your personal information and continue through the process. Thanks so much for your generous gift to the Learning Commons!

Give to The Learning Commons