Police Integrity 1-Sheet Research Briefs

The Police Integrity Research Group produces a series of 1-Sheet Research Briefs as part of our continuing efforts to disseminate research and improve policing. The 1-Sheet Research Briefs are scholarly publications designed to summarize particular aspects of the Group's research agenda. The 1-Sheet Research Briefs are more specifically intended to improve the accessibility of our research and provide readers an annotated version of the scholarship in a format that is reader-friendly. The intended audiences of the 1-Sheet Research Briefs are wide-ranging and includes those who may not have access to full-text peer-reviewed journal articles, scholars interested in summaries of particular research topics associated with police crime, and/or members of the general public interested in exploring the various topics of research conducted by the Police Integrity Research Group. This series of publications is dynamic and expands within the context of our research agenda.  

Updated: 10/31/2019 12:51PM