As Executive Director of Research for the Optimal Aging Institute (OAI), Dr. Nancy Orel (Emeritus Professor) is facilitating a strong research agenda with researchers at BGSU and with other established researchers on issues related to aging. She is also developing collaborations with agencies, researchers, funding agencies, regulatory agencies, universities, foundations, and other entities, which will build a strong collaborative and sustainable Institute.
If you would like to propose a research collaboration with the Institute, please contact Dr. Orel.


Optimal Aging Internal Grants
Next deadline: Feb. 13, 2018

Faculty members from across BGSU have focused on older adults as part of their research or upcoming projects. As the Optimal Aging Institute learns of new faculty research activity, we will include it here.

Read about how the opioid crisis affects middle-aged and older adults, and how the Optimal Aging Institute and the Wood County Committee on Aging are taking a stand.

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