Graduate Student Teaching Award


These awards recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching by graduate assistants and is sponsored by the Graduate College.

Nomination Deadline:  January 16, 2018 at 5p.m.

About the Awards

Each spring the Graduate College gives out an award that recognizes the best Teaching Assistant (TA) and Teaching Associate (TI).  The awards, sponsored by the Graduate College, are designed to encourage and reward excellence in undergraduate instruction.  Recognizing the role of Graduate Assistants (GA) as valued teaching colleagues is an important part of building our university community.  Winners receive a plaque commemorating their accomplishment and a cash award of $500.

Award Criteria

The TA/TI must have taught a course for which he/she had major responsibility at any time in 2017 calendar year. Teaching Assistants (TA) generally assist faculty with instructional responsibilities. Duties vary by discipline and program, but may include meeting with students, administering tests or exams, grading homework or exams, teaching recitation, laboratory, or discussion sessions, and other related duties. Teaching Associates (TI) generally serve as an instructor of record for a class, or leader of discussion or lab, and will have held this responsibility at any time in 2017 calendar year. Exam proctors, graders, and past recipients of this award are not eligible.

Application Process

The Graduate College will only accept one application per degree program. In the event that more than one nomination is forwarded to the Graduate Coordinator, it is the responsibility of the graduate faculty to meet to determine which nomination will be forwarded to the Graduate College.

Review Criteria

The Review committee will consider the following in ranking applicants:

  • Content, clarity, and organization of the application.
  • Applicant’s teaching independence and effectiveness, relative to their assigned role(s)

Student Application Instructions

Please submit the following items by no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  Materials are to be submitted electronically. 

Mandatory Items to include:

  1. A statement of application, including:
    1. Name, email, BGSU ID#, program
    2. Identify your current and previous teaching experiences at BGSU, including class names and numbers, and a description of your role(s) for each class
    3. A description of your academic goals
    4. A description of your teaching philosophy
  2. A current vita
  3. The syllabus used in the undergraduate course(s) for which you were nominated
  4. A letter of recommendation from your program’s graduate coordinator
  5. A letter of recommendation from either your immediate assistantship supervisor or from someone else at BGSU familiar with your work in the class for which you are nominated. Letters can be included in the student’s application packet or submitted separately to
  6. End-of-semester student evaluations from one section of the undergraduate course(s) for which you were nominated. Summary sheets are preferable, although you can also include copies of individual evaluations representative of the summary (Limit=5 pages)

Optional items to include if available:

  1. Any additional materials to demonstrate your teaching effectiveness (e.g.: course syllabi, evaluations, assignments, activities)

Return all materials as a single pdf email attachment to:

Deadline: January 16, 2018 at 5 p.m.