Archived 2021-2022 Graduate Catalog


This catalog is a guide to the programs, policies and curriculum that are part of graduate life at Bowling Green State University, a complex learning community. Students need to be aware of opportunities and requirements at several levels to guarantee that they take advantage of all that Bowling Green has to offer and can make steady progress toward academic goals.

The information in this catalog was last updated September 2021.  All information in this catalog is subject to change. Except as specifically stated herein, Bowling Green State University makes no representation or contract that following a particular course or curriculum will result in specific achievement, employment or qualification for employment, admission to degree programs or licensing for particular professions or occupations.  

The University reserves the right to change its course offerings, academic policies and requirements. To protect students from unnecessary penalty where changes in degree requirements occur, the following policies in regard to the Graduate Catalog are in effect:

  • Policies: Regardless of their term of matriculation, students are typically governed by the policies in the most current annual catalog. 
  • Curriculum: Students are governed by the degree requirements in the annual catalog of their matriculation.  Students may elect to complete a degree program under the most recent annual catalog. If this choice is made, the student must inform their graduate coordinator and the Graduate College, and complete all degree requirements specified in the selected annual catalog.
  • Students are responsible for knowing all requirements and policies in this catalog, particularly the academic regulations contained in this catalog.  Students are also responsible for knowing all requirements and policies in their departmental/degree program publications.

Updated: 01/26/2023 04:44PM