Organization Development - 2021-22 Graduate Catalog

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Phone: 419-372-2488
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Director: Deborah O'Neil, PhD 419-372-5222

Assistant Director: Tom Daniels 419-372-8823  

Degrees Offered
Master of Organization Development

Programs Offered
Designed for experienced managers, human resource and development professionals, owners of small businesses, and consultants, the Master of Organization Development is an executive (part-time) degree program designed to help individuals systematically transform their organizations into world-class competitors. The Executive M.O.D. combines online instruction with weekend classes during the spring, summer, and fall semesters.

This 18-month program prepares graduates to meet the leadership challenges of an ever-changing, increasingly demanding organizational environment by developing the knowledge and skill required to enhance individual, team, and organizational performance.

Admission requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and three or more years of full-time professional or managerial experience for admission.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Master's degree, students in the Organization Development program are expected to be able to:

    1. GOAL - HEART: Demonstrate competence in self- effectiveness (SELF-EFFECTIVENESS)

  • Outcomes: Students will -
    • 1.1: Examine intra- and inter-personal awareness through proactive behaviors and critical reflection (Intrapersonal/self-awareness)
    • 1.2: Design and facilitate effective communication and collaboration with all stakeholders (Professional competence)

    2. GOAL - HEAD: Demonstrate foundational understanding of the behavioral sciences (BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE KNOWLEDGE)

  • Outcomes: Students will -
    • 2.1: Demonstrate knowledge of the history and core values of OD (Foundations of OD)
    • 2.2: Apply knowledge of individual and group-level theories, models and perspectives of human behavior to evaluate and intervene in organizations and communities (Human behavior)
    • 2.3: Apply conceptual frameworks to demonstrate knowledge of organizations as systems (Organizational systems)

    3. GOAL - HANDS: Demonstrate competence in the process and practice of organization development (OD PROCESS AND PRACTICE)

  • Outcomes: Students will -
    • 3.1 Engage in inquiry and analysis to facilitate positive organizational change (Data)
    • 3.2 Design, apply, and evaluate OD interventions in service of organization and community success (Process)

Prerequisites to Graduate Work

Admission Procedure
Applicants to the Executive M.O.D. program should follow the instructions outlined in the Graduate Admission webpage. Applicants are reviewed by the program’s graduate advisory committee, which makes an admission recommendation to the Graduate College.

Degree Requirements

The Executive Master of Organization Development (EMOD) program requires 18-months and 30 semester hours of graduate credit for completion. Instruction is delivered through a blend of online and on-campus Executive Residency Weekends. There are two Executive Residency Weekends per semester during the Fall and Spring semesters except during the week international study tour which takes place during the second Spring semester. Students complete two online courses during the Summer semester between year one and two. The weekends are scheduled Friday from 4:00pm-10:00pm (with dinner break), Saturday from 8:00am-5:00pm, and Sunday from 8:00am-3:00pm. The EMOD program’s first weekend session typically is held in September. Students then proceed through a sequence of courses in accordance with a predetermined schedule. Executive students typically enroll in two courses in each spring, summer, and fall semester of the program.

The following courses are required to fulfill requirements for the degree: ORGD 6010, 6080, 6020, 6015, 6050, 6040, 6030, 6060, 6065, and the capstone course ORGD 6070. The international study tour (ORGD 6065) is scheduled during the final semester, along with the capstone course, ORGD 6070. All courses through ORGD 6060 must be completed prior to enrollment in ORGD 6065. The foundation, diagnosis, and intervention courses are to be completed prior to enrolling in ORGD 6070.

Graduate Courses
Please access graduate courses online at Graduate courses offered in Organization Development use the prefix ORGD.

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