Undergraduate Programs

Current Academic Information

The Department of Biological Sciences directs two undergraduate major programs and three specializations:   Biology and Microbiology and Ecology and Conservation Biology Specialization, Forensics Specialization and Marine and Aquatic Biology Specialization. It also jointly directs a Neuroscience Major with the Department of Psychology.  Those students interested in a science education major should contact the College of Education's School of Teaching and Learning for it's Early Childhood, Middle Childhood and Adolescent Young Adult programs.  The Department also offers two special-interest programs:  Marine Biology and Pre-Health Professional, under the Biology Major.  In addition to teaching facilities, many specialized research and support facilities are also available, including:  Algal Microscopy Laboratory; the Edwin C. Moseley Herbarium; Computer Facilities; the Ecology and Ethology Research Station; Greenhouse Facilities; Herpetology Laboratory; Marine Laboratory; Microbiology Prep Room; Microscopy and Microanalysis Facilities; and the Ogg Science Library.

Undergraduate Research Program

Many, if not all of our faculty welcome having students working in their labs. Please browse the Faculty Web Pages for a description of current faculty research interests and projects in this department; this list is also available from the departmental office. Contact the professor and volunteer a couple hours a week of your time; you'll be surprised how often it turns into a paid position.

Departmental Honors Program

In addition to the Honors Program offered by the University, the Department of Biological Sciences offers interested students the opportunity to participate in the Departmental Honors Program. For more information, consult the Undergraduate Guide for Biology Majors.

Funding Information

Several Undergraduate Scholarships are available annually. Please check the Biology website each Spring for application information.  Additionally, the Academic Investment in Math and Science program assists women students and students of color in the areas of mathematics, computer and natural sciences. The five-week summer program offers opportunites to improve leadership, professional and academic skills and offers competitive yearly, renewable scholarships.  Work-study employment is also available with research and administrative positions.

Advising Information

All students have questions from time to time, whether it is about course requirements, suggested coursework, degree requirements or administrative rules. They also have more personal questions, including career choices, issues with faculty or other students or other issues that affect their educational experience. Many biology- and school-related questions can be answered in the Undergraduate Guide for Biology Majors which includes the 10 Most Asked Questions About Biology. For questions regarding scheduling and your choice of major, please contact the appropriate Advisor; they can also assist you with career counseling. Current Biology Advisors are:

Microbiology Major
Dr. George Bullerjahn, 516 LSC
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Neuroscience Major
Dr. Pat Sharp, 235 PSYC

Ecology & Conservation Biology Specialization
Dr. Daniel Pavuk, 319 LSC
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LCCC & Marine Program Advising
Dr. Mike McKay, 523 LSC
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Marine Program Advising
Dr. Matthew Partin, 115A LSC
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Health Pre-Professional (Pre-Med, Pre-Dent, Pre-Vet, Pre-Opt, Pre-Pharm)
Dr. Lee Meserve, 503 LSC (Pre-Med, Pre-Dent, Pre-Opt, Pre-Pharm)
Dr. Ray Larsen, 431 LSC (Pre-Vet)

Science Education
Dr. Eileen Underwood, 111E LSC

Dr. George Bullerjahn, 516 LSC
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Biology Majors
Ms. Tamera Wales, 115B LSC A-L
Dr. Eileen Underwood, 111E LSC M-Z