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What role does architecture play in construction management?

The architect/engineer designs the construction project and develops the drawings and specifications to meet the owner’s needs.  Many times, the architect/engineer supervises the construction to ensure that the work is executed according to plans. The construction manager should understand the vision of the architect/engineer and the needs of the owner to implement the work accurately. The curriculum includes several architectural and engineering classes to enable graduates to satisfy the needs of the project.

Do you need a master’s degree?

A master degree is not essential for the graduates of the construction management program; however, the master degree after a few years of construction experience can accelerate the pathway to executive management in the firm. 

How does this degree fit with business?

Construction firms use all the typical business functions such as managing human resources, accounting, purchasing, finance, and economics like any other business while specializing in construction.  Our curriculum requires 18 credit hours of business administration classes such as ECON 2020 - Principles of Microeconomics, ACCT 2000 - Accounting Concepts for Nonbusiness Students, LEGS 3010 - Legal Environment of Business, MGMT 3050 - Principles of Organization and Management, etc. The graduates of the program manage construction projects which involves estimating cost and scheduling and controlling the project time, resources, and budget. In performing these functions, graduates deal with the business entities within the firms, and need to understand the successful management of the company’s entire business. 

Updated: 01/16/2024 03:46PM