Wood County Regional Airport

BGSU's Aviation program is based at the Wood County Regional Airport on the north side of main campus. The airport is generally regarded as being perfect for flight training. There are two runways, the longer one being 4200 feet. There are also instrument approaches for all the runways, which is optimal for instrument trainging and allows BGSU Aviation to operate when the weather is less than perfect.

Wood County Airport is located less than 15 nautical miles of a towered airport, Toledo Express. Toledo Express has both a control tower and an approach / departure control, which allows students sufficient training working and communicating with air traffic control. Additionally, there are three uncontrolled airports within a 20 nautical mile radius of Wood County Airport. Having additonal airports in such a close vicinity allows for students to practice takeoffs and landings at new airports and prevents Wood County's traffic pattern from becoming too congested while high volumes of student training are being conducted. 

To learn more about the Wood County Airport, please visit their website.

Aerial Photo of the Wood County Regional Airport

Updated: 02/15/2024 04:49PM