Cooperative Education Program

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Summer 2019 CO-OP Deadline: May 17, 2019

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Summer 2019 Co-op Dates: May 22 - August 16, 2019
Fall 2019 Co-op Dates: August 26 - December 17, 2019
Academic Calendar

**Students and Employers, Please NOTE: Spring, summer and fall start dates have shifted starting spring 2019 due to BGSU adopting a new academic calendar which includes the new Winter Session (also called J-term).  This three week session between fall and spring semester is intended to give students the opportunity to travel abroad, participate in short internship opportunities, or take classes that may help them catch up or get ahead CO-OP semester dates and deadlines. To earn co-op credit, students must work during the weeks that correlate with the academic semester, however it is their preorgative, and up to the student and the employer to agree to work more.  

The College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering's Cooperative Education program integrates classroom study with work experiences. All students in the college participate in the Cooperative Education program, requiring one to three semesters of full-time co-op experience (dependent on their major) prior to graduation. The co-op program has strong connections with employers and in conjunction with the BGSU Career Center, and faculty mentors, assists students in writing resumes,  developing interview skills and searching for co-op opportunities.

Nationally Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Co-op and Internship (ACCI)