Grant & Research Activity

Dr. Anderson, Associate Professor, has worked with NASA to develop food safety plans for long duration space missions and conducts research on food safety education. In addition, she studies post-harvest physiological changes leading to the development and reversal of the hard-to-cook defect in legume seeds.

Dr. Ludy, Associate Professor, conducts research on food products, including chili peppers and peanuts, which may aid weight management by promoting a negative energy balance.  She also studies patterns of weight gain (particularly in college freshman) and evaluates the effectiveness of dietitians in medical practice.

Dr. Knippen, Assistant Professor, conducts research on maternal, infant, and child health. She has a specific interest in working with populations at risk for diabetes or those living with diabetes. In addition, her work includes a focus on the role of community health, healthcare delivery, and how care coordination and patient centered care approaches can improve nutrition and health outcomes.

Dr. Kershaw, Assistant Professor, studies approaches to influence healthier food choices. He investigates both sensory (e.g., taste, texture) and messaging strategies to promote outcomes such as improved acceptance of reduced sugar products and increased satiety. To learn more about Dr. Kershaw's work and the Food & Nutrition Science labs at BGSU, please watch the recent interview with President Rogers and Dr. Kershaw: Rogers Report Video

Dr. Shen, Assistant Professor, has been collaborating with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on studies with dietary fatty acids in modulating health outcomes from air pollution in general population. In addition, she is also interested in dietary assessments and research in medical nutrition therapy.

Updated: 09/30/2019 10:29PM