The Graduate College at Bowling Green State University has several graduate programs that permit qualified undergraduate students who are earning their bachelor’s degree at BGSU to apply to an Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s program.  Participating in an Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s program provides students with the opportunity to complete both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in an efficient manner. 

BGSU currently provides two pathways for undergraduate food and nutrition students to pursue graduate coursework while they are enrolled in their Bachelor's program at BGSU. Accelerated students can take up to 9 hours of graduate level coursework that is shared between the undergraduate and graduate degree. Upon graduation, students are matriculated into the MFN program. Graduates can choose to complete the MFN on campus or via the eCampus program. 

Accelerated BS in Dietetics to MFN

Accelerated BS in Nutrition Sciences to MFN

Updated: 03/21/2023 03:48PM