College of Health and Human Services’ 13th Annual Homecoming Lecture

 Approximately 80 BGSU faculty, staff and students, as well as a number of community members and professionals, enjoyed the College of Health and Human Services’ 13th Annual Homecoming Lecture on September 30. This year’s topic focused on the importance of self-care for helping professionals. It was co-sponsored by the Department of Psychology’s Clinical Program and the BGSU Counseling Center.

Dr. Dottie Greene, social work professor at East Tennessee State University, was the keynote speaker. Inspired by her 20 years of practical experience and 10 years of academic experience, Greene became actively involved in research in the areas of recovering addiction professionals and relapse, practitioner well-being, and social work student self-care.

Helping professionals, (e.g. social workers, psychologists, counselors, nurses) who do not practice self-care are at risk of professional burnout or even developing some type of professional impairment, like depression, anxiety or addiction. According to Greene, “the constant care for others also has the potential to deplete the helping professional’s emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual energy. The Professional Code of Ethics for Social Work, Psychology and Counseling all emphasize the importance of providing competent care to our clients.”

Participants learned about the importance of self-care and were provided with specific evidence-based stress reduction practices that will aid them in maintaining longevity and satisfaction in their helping careers. Continuing Education Units (CEU) were also provided.

Updated: 07/15/2021 01:56PM