Accelerated BSFS to MSFS Program

Please see the Graduate College’s Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program webpage and official Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program Policy for information pertaining to all Accelerated Programs.

Admissions Requirements

Students interested in pursuing the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science (BSFS) to Master of Science in Forensic Science (MSFS) must complete the following application requirements:  

1.      By the start of Accelerated status, they must have either:

- 75 credit hours earned and an overall BGSU GPA of at least 3.2[1], or

- 90 credit hours earned and an overall BGSU GPA of at least 3.0;

2.      A completed Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program Application;

3.      Official transcripts from all universities attended;

4.      At least one letter of recommendation from a full-time BGSU faculty member, preferably from graduate faculty within the student’s major or targeted graduate program.

5.     Completion of any other program-specific graduate application requirements.  

  • Letter of recommendation should come from a member of BGSU with personal knowledge of student who is NOT a faculty/staff  from the forensic science program. 
  • Personal statement that addresses these topics:  research background and interest, career goals, and how BGSU can aid in obtaining these goals.
  • Deadline to complete application:  March 1st 11:59pm to take accelerated courses the following fall semester.
  • To be eligible, students must NOT have taken
    • FSCI 4400
    • CHEM 3080
    • CHEM 4450
    • CRJU 4510
    • CRJU 4400
    • FSCI 4300 (if forensic chemistry specialization student) or FSCI 4230 (if forensic biology or forensic examination student)           

Accelerated BSFS to MSFS Program Plan  

Students enrolled in the Accelerated BSFS to MSFS should follow the following course schedule for planning out graduate work that begins while still enrolled as an undergraduate student, followed by the courses taken when fully enrolled as a graduate student in the MSFS program.  This program requires you to complete a Plan I Thesis Research Project (FSCI 6990) or a Plan II Directed Research Project (FSCI 6910). 

Undergraduate Accelerated Status (limited to 9 credits maximum)

Courses that must be taken while an undergraduate student with Undergraduate Accelerated Status that will overlap between the Bachelor's and Master's degrees:

FSCI 5400

Take one of the following based on your undergraduate specialization:

FSCI 5300 for undergraduate student specializing in Forensic Chemistry


FSCI 5230 for undergraduate students specializing in Forensic Biology or Forensic Examiniation

Coursework required by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the undergraduate or graduate level  for DNA analysts, credits do not count toward MSFS but will appear on Bachelor's and Master's transcript.

CHEM 5450

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