Accelerated BA to MA in Spanish Program Policies

Please see the Graduate College’s Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program webpage and official Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program Policy for information pertaining to all Accelerated Programs.

Admissions Requirements

Students interested in pursuing the Accelerated BA to MA program plan in SPANISH must complete the following application requirements:  

1.      By the start of the student’s Accelerated status, they must have either:

-  75 credit hours earned and an overall BGSU GPA of at least 3.2[1], or

-  90 credit hours earned and an overall BGSU GPA of at least 3.0;

2.      A completed Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program Application;

3.      Official transcripts from all universities attended;

4.      At least one letter of recommendation from a full-time BGSU faculty member, preferably from graduate faculty within the student’s major or targeted graduate program;

5.      Must have completed successfully at least one course at the SPAN 38XX level and one Spanish course at the 4000 level;

6.      Must submit a statement of purpose to the Spanish graduate coordinator. 

Accelerated BA to MA Spanish Program Plan  

Students enrolled in the Accelerated BA to MA Spanish Program will start completing courses at the graduate level, while still enrolled as undergraduates.  In order to complete this plan in an accelerated format, it is strongly recommended that students choose the Plan II option (non-thesis) for the Spanish MA.  Students who choose the thesis option should expect the completion of their master’s degree program to take longer than an additional extra (5th) year. 

Undergraduate Accelerated Status (limited to 9 credits maximum)

Courses that may be taken while an undergraduate student with Undergraduate Accelerated Status that will overlap between the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (students can take up to 9 credit hours, typically 3 courses):

§  SPAN 5000 Spanish for Graduate Students (4 credit hours)

§  SPAN 5410 Medieval and Golden Age Literature (3 credit hours)

§  SPAN 5500 Advanced Grammar and Composition (3 credit hours)

§  SPAN 5700 Hispanic Studies (3 credit hours)*

§  SPAN 5800 Seminar in Hispanic Subjects (3 credit hours)*

§  SPAN 5820 Topics in Hispanic Subjects (3 credit hours)*

* These courses may be repeated up to 9 hours if topics clearly differ.

Graduate Accelerated Status

Courses to be taken once the bachelor’s degree has been completed and the student is fully enrolled as a graduate student in the Spanish master’s program:

  • Any courses not taken in the list above while in Undergraduate Accelerated Status and all SPAN 6000 level courses.
  • Minimum of 36 credit hours (19 of which must be taken on the BGSU campus or from BGSU graduate faculty abroad. Note: courses from professors at the Escuela Universitaria Cardenal Cisneros does not count toward those 19 credits).

o   Up to 6 credit hours may be taken on a S/U base for an internship and/or thesis hours.

o   A minimum of 21 credit hours in Spanish taken with BGSU faculty on campus and/or BGSU graduate faculty in Spain.

o   The remaining credits may be taken in cognate areas.

o   A minimum of 18 credit hours at the 6000 level.

o   A maximum of 9 transfer credit hours, subject to department and college approval, may count toward the degree. 

Capstone Experience:

            Choose ONE:

Plan I (thesis): not recommended for the Accelerated Program. Students opting for Plan I should not expect to be able to graduate in 5 years.

Plan II (non-thesis option): Students will work with a faculty committee, who will guide their research project and articulate specific expectations for successful completion. Final Projects may include but are not limited to the development of a professional portfolio, e-portfolio, a critical, annotated translation, a unit lesson, or other presentational materials that integrate research with reflection of experiential learning outcomes (internships, study-abroad specific research and community engagement projects).

[1] For the purposes of this policy, BGSU GPA is calculated based on BGSU credits only. However, credits transferred into BGSU may be counted as part of credit hours earned (not GPA).