Accelerated BS to MA in Mathematics Program Policies

Please see the Graduate College’s Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program webpage and official Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program Policy for information pertaining to all Accelerated Programs.

Admissions Requirements

Students interested in pursuing the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Mathematics- Specialization in Applied Mathematics to Master of Arts in Mathematics - Applied Mathematics/Scientific Computation Specialization program plan must complete the following application requirements:  

1.      By the start of the student’s Accelerated status, they must have either:

- 75 credit hours earned and an overall BGSU GPA of at least 3.2[1], or

- 90 credit hours earned and an overall BGSU GPA of at least 3.0;

2.      A completed Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program Application;

3.      Official transcripts from all universities attended;

4.      At least two letters of recommendation from graduate faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at BGSU.

5.      A Statement of Purpose describing how the Master’s in Applied Mathematics aligns with the applicants professional objectives.

Accelerated BS-Applied Mathematics to MA-Applied Mathematics Program Plan  

Students enrolled in the Accelerated BS-Applied Mathematics to MA-Applied Mathematics Program Plan   should follow the following course schedule for planning out graduate work that begins while still enrolled as an undergraduate student, followed by the courses taken when fully enrolled as a graduate student in the MA-Mathematics program.  In order to complete this plan in an accelerated format, it is strongly recommended that students choose the Plan II option (non-thesis).  Students who choose the thesis option should expect the completion of their master’s degree program to take longer than an additional extra (5th) year. 

Undergraduate Accelerated Status (limited to 9 credits maximum)

Courses that may be taken while an undergraduate student with Undergraduate Accelerated Status that will overlap between the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees:

1)      Choose one of: Math 5650 Introduction to Real Analysis I

                                 Math 5410 Probability and Statistics I

                                 Math 5510 Numerical Analysis

                                 Math 5320 Linear Algebra with Applications

2)      Choose two of:  Math 5370 Quantitative Theory of Differential Equations

                                 Math 5390 Boundary Value Problems of Differential Equations

                                 Math 5420 Probability and Statistics II

                                 Math 5450 Applied Probability

                                 Math 5470 Exploratory Data Analysis

Graduate Accelerated Status

Courses to be taken once the bachelor’s degree has been completed and the student is fully enrolled as a graduate student in the MA-Applied Mathematics/Scientific Computation Specialization program:

          Any courses not taken in the list above while in Undergraduate Accelerated Status

1)      Core Course requirement:

(a)    Real analysis (Math 6650),

(b)   Four courses in applied mathematics/scientific computation (Math 5390, Math 6180, Math 6200, Math 6680).

2)      Completion of at least 21 semester hours of approved graduate level course work in mathematics and statistics, 18 hours of which must be at the 6000 level or higher.

Capstone Experience:

            Choose ONE:

Plan I:  Thesis (This option should be approved by the graduate coordinator before the student is fully enrolled as a graduate student).

Plan II:  Successful completion of a written comprehensive examination based on the core course work.

Note:  In order to be considered for teaching assistantships and tuition scholarships, a student in the accelerated program must submit a new statement of purpose and an updated copy of their unofficial transcripts on or before January 15th of the year when the student begins his/hers master’s program.

[1] For the purposes of this policy, BGSU GPA is calculated based on BGSU credits only. However, credits transferred into BGSU may be counted as part of credit hours earned (not GPA).