Accelerated BA to MA in German Studies at BGSU Program Policy

Please see the Graduate College’s Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program webpage and official Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program Policy for information pertaining to all Accelerated Programs.

Admissions Requirements

Students interested in pursuing the Accelerated BA to MA program plan in German must complete the following application requirements:  

1.      By the start of the student’s Accelerated status, they must have either:

- 75 credit hours earned and an overall BGSU GPA of at least 3.2[1], or

- 90 credit hours earned and an overall BGSU GPA of at least 3.0;

2.      A completed Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Program Application;

3.      Official transcripts from all universities attended;

4.      At least one letter of recommendation from a full-time BGSU faculty member, preferably from graduate faculty within the student’s major or targeted graduate program;

5.      Must have completed at least one 3000-level GERM course other than GERM 3000.

6.      Must submit a statement of purpose to the German graduate coordinator. 

Accelerated BA to MA German Program Plan  

Students enrolled in the Accelerated BA to MA German Program should follow the following course schedule for planning out graduate work that begins while still enrolled as an undergraduate student, followed by the courses taken when fully enrolled as a graduate student in the German program.  In order to complete this plan in an accelerated format, it is strongly recommended that students choose the Plan II option (non-thesis).  Students who choose the thesis option should expect the completion of their master’s degree program to take longer than an additional extra (5th) year. 

Undergraduate Accelerated Status (limited to 9 credits maximum)

Courses that may be taken while an undergraduate student with Undergraduate Accelerated Status that will overlap between the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees:

            GERM 5150. The German Film

            GERM 5160. Contemporary Austria (offered in Salzburg)

            GERM 5170. Advanced Composition and Conversation

            GERM 5180. Stylistics, Syntax, and Structure of German (offered in Salzburg)

            GERM 5190. German Drama Workshop

            GERM 5200. Linguistics (offered in Salzburg)

            GERM 5450. Writer and Work

            GERM 5820. Selected Topics in German

            GERM 5850. Directed Readings in German

            GERM 5890. Internship in German (offered in Salzburg)

            GERM 6010. Introduction to Graduate Study (3) (offered in Salzburg)

            GERM 6030. Translation (German-English)

            GERM 6150. German Culture and Civilization

            GERM 6160. Contemporary Germany

            GERM 6170. Advanced Grammar and Stylistics I (offered in Salzburg)

            GERM 6180. Advanced Grammar and Stylistics 2 (offered in Salzburg)

            GERM 6210. Survey of German Lit I

            GERM 6220. Survey of German Lit II

            GERM 6700. Teaching College German

            GERM 6800. German Seminar

            GERM 6820. Topics in German

            GERM 6850. Directed Readings in German

            GERM 6970. Supervised Practicum in Teaching

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