AdobeSign FAQs

Students: Filling out forms

Each form is different, but there are some things to consider.  

1. If your form is associated with a committee meeting / defense / exam, you should submit that form just before the meeting / defense / exam.  That way your committee has the signature emails when they are meeting.  For example, you should start the Preliminary Exam results form just before your Preliminary exam defense / meeting.

2. If you are missing anything required for the form, please gather that information before starting the form.  Each form has directions that tell you what you need, and you can also see a sample form to know what information you will need.   If you are missing anything, you will need to re-start the form later, as you cannot save a half-completed form.

You cannot save info in a halfway filled out form.  Please gather all necessary information BEFORE beginning the form, as you need to fill it out completely before submitting. There is no way to save / access the form again if you close it without submitting.

If you realize you are missing something, just close the window and re-start a new form when you are ready. 

We have set up AdobeSign so that it is connected to the BGSU information database. When you start typing in a name, the system will search the system and bring up names/emails. Once you see the name of the appropriate faculty member, click on it and it will autofill the correct BGSU email address.

If the form is incorrectly routed to the wrong person, please contact the Graduate College (419-372-2791 or and we can edit the recipients. 

Any party to the form can check on its status via the AdobeSign portal. Please log in directly to using your BGSU credentials, and click on the in progress form, this will bring up an audit trail in the right navigation bar that will show you where the form is in the approval process.

You will receive an email immediately after a form is complete. This email will contain a PDF of the finished form. There are two other ways you can get to the form.  (1) You can log into and find all of your completed forms yourself; (2) You can always contact the Grad College to ask for old forms.

Faculty: Signing Forms

You can sign forms three different ways:

1. You can click the link in your email that asks you to sign.  That will bring up the AdobeSign web site on a phone, tablet, or a computer.

2. You can go to and find forms that are waiting for your signature.

3. You can use the AdobeSign app to find forms that are waiting for your signature.  

In the past, you probably passed around a piece of paper at your thesis / dissertation / prelim committee meetings, and you each signed before leaving the room.  

Now, you can bring a laptop or phone and still sign at the meeting.  You can also go back to your office and sign there.

It is OK if the email is lost or deleted.  You can always log into AdobeSign to see all of the forms that are waiting for your signature. Please go to, log in, and click “Action Required” to see all forms waiting for your signature. 

In this case, you can click “Finish Later” in the dropdown menu on the right corner of the form. Please contact the Graduate College (419-372-2791 or Depending on the information, we can contact the student and/or other relevant parties for the correct information, and edit the form before it is signed. You should not sign a form with incorrect information on it. 

The initiator (usually a student), and all signers (committee members, graduate coordinators, etc.) will receive an email immediately after a form is complete. This email will contain a PDF of the finished form. Also, the forms will be immediately swept into the OnBase student record system, where graduate coordinators / secretaries can search for completed forms.

Finding Forms

You can do this three ways: 

(1) You will receive an email immediately after each form is completed.  This email contains a PDF of each form;

(2) You can access your AdobeSign account to see your completed forms (  Just click on the ‘completed’ tab.

(3) Faculty with access can see all completed forms in OnBase.

For these forms, you will need access to the OnBase eform storage areas (this is different from Curriculum Modifications area).  If you need OnBase eform access, please email the Graduate College ( with the subject line “OnBase Access Grad Retrieval.” Please include your name, your BGSU username, your position on campus, and why you need access.

Once you are in OnBase eform area, you can search for forms by form type, student name or ID, Graduate Coordinator name or ID, or Associate Dean name or ID (for pertinent forms).


Please contact Alexia Coffman or 419-372-0433] or Heidi Bouza or 419-372-7710], with any questions.

Updated: 05/12/2023 05:15PM