What is a BGSU Account?

All active members of the BGSU community are provided with at BGSU Account. The account allows access to the MyBGSU Portal, BGSU Email, Canvas, OneDrive file storage, and many other services. It serves as the primary account for everyone at BGSU.

General information about your account and access can be found below.

Account Security

BGSU uses both your BGSU Password and DUO 2 Step Authentication to protect your account. The purpose of using two methods of identification is to better protect your data and works under the premise that an unauthorized user is unlikely to be able to supply both required methods of identification.

More Information on 2 Step



Device Setup

We encourage you to setup your personal device using your BGSU Account to do things like connect to the wireless network, check your email, get updates from Canvas, and use Microsoft Office for free. 

More Information on Personal Devices

BGSU Account Status Timeline

All BGSU faculty, staff and students are provided a BGSU email account. However, as ones affiliation with the university changes, account access does the same. The tabs below outline how BGSU email access may alter based on various status changing scenarios.

*Contact the Technology Support Center if you would like to have your account reactivated and set to alumni status

Upon being accepted to Bowling Green State University, students will receive instructions on how to create their BGSU account.


Staff: receive their BGSU account shortly after HR is notified by department of their accepted offer

Faculty: receive their BGSU account shortly after their college either requests a guest ID or sends information to HR

Account Timeline Questions

Email only access is just that, access to only email. This access does not include Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) or SharePoint (OneDrive and Sites). For information on changes to other accounts, please contact the TSC.

If you have multiple statuses, your account changes will reflect the most current status. For example: You graduated from BGSU and then were hired on as a staff member. Because you became a staff member after you were a student, your current status is Staff and account changes will reflect those of staff. If you did graduate from BGSU, but another status is set to disable your accounts, please contact the Technology Support Center to inquire about having your account re-activated.

If you are a Graduate Assistant that has taught a class at BGSU, you are considered a faculty.

A student can be terminated from their program based on any of the following scenarios:

  1. Four semesters have passed since the last course was completed
  2. A student is put on academic probation for poor grades, hits the end of the probation period and has not brought their GPA up to a 2.0
  3. The student is expelled or has committed a serious breach of University protocol


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