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Members of the Honors College will develop critical thinking skills, make interdisciplinary connections, conduct original scholarship, and have access to leadership and professional opportunities.

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The University Honors Program was established in 1978, and designated as an Honors College in 2013.  The mission of the Bowling Green State University Honors College is to create a community of scholars through an emphasis on personal and intellectual development and preparation for global citizenship. 

The educational goals of the BGSU Honors College center on the development and implementation of critical thinking skills in all of our students. Courses and curricula are designed to give students higher order thinking skills. These skills will make our students more successful in their post-BGSU years. The BGSU Honors College houses the premier students on campus. The BGSU Honors students engage in inquiry based learning, become leaders on campus, almost exclusively participate in in-depth undergraduate research and garner academic achievement for BGSU. It is through these premier students and revolutionary educational methods that BGSU can transform its current status and become the Premier Learning Community of Ohio and the Nation.

We offer special classes that center on critical thinking skills, a wide range of enrichment opportunities, and a caring community in which students may learn and grow.

Honors students typically do 20% of their curriculum with the Honors College, which allows for all majors to participate in the program. Graduation with University Honors requires 23 Honors course credits, a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, and successful completion of an Honors project. Receiving University Honors upon graduation is the highest award that BGSU grants. This is one way to set yourself apart from other graduating seniors and to help you achieve your educational, career, and life goals.

We also encourage you to take a look at the Honors Learning Community (HLC), a residential learning community. The Honors Learning Commity offers enriching co-curricular opportunities to enhance your educational experience at BGSU.


The Bowling Green State University Honors College supports the BGSU mission by fostering a community of scholars.  Through an emphasis on personal and intellectual development, members are challenged to identify their values and broaden their worldview.

Honors College Objectives

  • Honors College members enjoy a lifelong commitment to engaged citizenship.
  • Honors College members sharpen their critical thinking, allowing them to attain comfort with ambiguity, to cultivate innovation and curiosity, and to explore personal values. 
  • The Honors curriculum promotes collaborative work, creativity, and interdisciplinary studies that culminate in original scholarship in the completion of an Honors capstone project.
  •  Honors College students can expect to engage in leadership and professional development opportunities which lead to self-authorship.*
  • Honors College Students work with faculty mentors who encourage them to become leaders in their respective professions and communities.

*Self-authorship is “the capacity to internally define a coherent belief system and identity that coordinates engagement in mutual relations with the larger world” (Baxter Magolda in Baxter Magolda & King, 2004, p. xxii).

Benefits of Honors College

  • Priority registration — Honors students register on the first day of the University class one year ahead of them. For example, sophomore Honors students register the day before all other juniors on campus.
  • Small classes — The enrollment limit for our classes is 25 students, which means that you have more opportunities to interact with your peers and the faculty both within and beyond the classroom.
  • Expanded critical thinking skills — All Honors students are required to take HNRS 2010 – Intro to Critical Thinking their first semester and HNRS 2020 – Critical Thinking about Great Ideas their second semester. Both of these courses meet general education requirements for all majors at BGSU. Many Honors students have told us that these courses are among their most important experiences at BGSU because they help them frame the rest of the education and the ways in which they see the world. Also, employers often cite critical thinking as a desirable skill when they search for future employees.
  • Superior Faculty — Our instructors are selected from among the best teachers on campus. All are committed to your academic achievement within the classroom and care about your intellectual and personal growth.
  • Enhanced opportunities for research and learning — Honors students are engaged with many faculty members, on a one-on-one basis, with research in their chosen academic fields. By participating in basic or applied research and working closely with faculty in their areas of expertise, Honors students enhance their education at BGSU and distinguish themselves from other graduates on the job market post-graduation.
  • Access to the Honors Learning Community (HLC) - The HLC is a residential learning commuity located i Founders Hall where you are surrounded by faculty, staff, and other students who understand and support academic excellence. You'll enjoy a respectful atmosphere, dynamic and easy acesss to Honors College facutly, advisor and staff. 



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