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Congratulations on being admitted to the BGSU Honors College! You are about to join a community of people who not only see your potential, but also expect you to live into your potential.


The application review committee saw something special in your application to admit you to the College.  We believe that you have what it takes to do well in Honors, but now it is your decision if you would like to join the BGSU Honors College.

The Honors College is an experience that is challenging and rewarding.  This page will provide you resources to learn more about the Honors College, and hear from current students about their experiences.

Once you have decided Honors is right for you, please fill out the Honors College Acceptance Agreement form. This is to help make sure you understand the benefits and requirements of the Honors College at BGSU.  Sign this form by May 1st to guarantee your place in the Honors College for Fall 2022.

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Did you Know?

Only 40% of BGSU students knew their roommate before choosing to live together. Here is a step by step guide to choosing your room.  If you would like to meet other incoming students, check out the BGSU Class of 2024 Facebook page

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Founders 6 Person Suite

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Honors Experience Study Abroad Scholarship


Did you apply to the BGSU Honors College before January 15th?  Then you have the Honors Experience Study Abroad Scholarship.  This scholarship is $2,000 to be able to study abroad through any BGSU education abroad program during your time at the University.  This scholarship will NOT show up on your financial aid package, but will be available to use if you decide to study abroad.  Learn more about the scholarship here.

Student Orientation Advising & Registration (SOAR) and Honors

One of the benefits of joining Honors is your Honors advisor will reach out to you before Orientation begins, and will help you schedule classes.  This way you are able to receive priority registration for classes.  In order for our advisors to schedule classes, they need you to complete the following steps.

Steps before coming to SOAR

  1. Create you MyBGSU Account.
  2. Register for SOAR online.
  3. Check your BGSU Email - your Honors Advisor will email you to set up your classes BEFORE Orientation.
  4. Complete your Financial Responsibility Agreement. 
  5. Know your Honors Advisor.  This advisor will help you schedule classes for SOAR, and will be in addition to your college advisor.
  6. Send your Final High School and College Transcripts as well as any AP scores.
  7. Complete your Writing Placement Test.

Note: We cannot schedule your classes until you complete your Financial Responsibility Agreement.



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