Benefit of the Honors College

The Honors College is home to nearly 1,000 students actively engaged in intellectual discovery and in finding their personal paths to achievement. Consider joining our community of scholars to get a small, liberal arts college experience with the resources of a large university. Be inspired to learn more. To think critically. You will achieve more because we expect more. As a result of achieving the Honors College expectations and requirements, you, as an Honors student, will receive several privileges that non-Honors students do not receive. These include, but are not limited to:

Smaller classes

The enrollment limit for our classes is 25 students, which means that you have more opportunities to interact with your peers and the faculty, both within and beyond the classroom. 

Priority registration

Honors College students register for classes before students one year ahead of them. For example, sophomore Honors students register the day before all other juniors on campus.

Superior faculty

Our instructors are selected from the best teachers on campus. All are committed to your academic achievement within the classroom and care about your intellectual and personal growth.


Through the Honors College, there are a number of scholarship opportunities. For incoming students, over 30 full in-state tuition scholarships and study abroad scholarships are available each year through the Honors College. In addition, scholarships are available for continuing students

Engaging classroom environments

Our classes are taught from an interactive perspective. Faculty will engage you in the topics and ideas through discussion. They will get to know you and your abilities, and will provide the best possible learning environment.

Personalized academic counseling

Our staff is dedicated to helping you take all of the right classes for your major. They can answer most academic questions you may have regarding the University or your major.

An office staff that is dedicated to your success at BGSU

Our office is here to help you during your time at BGSU. No other group  on campus has a more knowledgeable and dedicated staff to assist them through their academic career.  The Honors College is also the home to the National Fellowships and Scholarships office, and can provide guidance to students applying for scholarships.  Our staff gets to know the students personally, and provides a warm and friendly environment.

Enhanced opportunities for research and learning

Honors students are engaged on a one-on-one basis with many faculty members with research in their chosen academic fields.

Enhanced opportunities for out-of-class learning experiences

The Honors College sponsors a diverse array of student organizations and learning communities like Honors Student Association, Honors Fellows, the Honors Learning Community, Honors College Ambassadors, Honors Opening Weekend Group Leaders, Honors Peer Facilitators, Falcon Funded, Free Thinkers Society, Honors Student Advisory Board, and the BGSU Mediation Team. Collectively, these provide opportunities to interact with speakers, travel to off campus events such as plays and musicals, and to develop leadership roles on campus.

Dynamic living and learning opportunity available 

The mission of the Honors Learning Community is to create a seamless educational environment that supports the goals of the Honors College. We do this by providing activities outside of the classroom that help you develop your critical thinking, civic engagement, intergrative learning, and intercultural knowledge skills. 

Graduate with an Honors degree

Graduating with University Honors is the highest academic accolade on campus. Honors students typically do 20 percent of their curriculum with the Honors College, which allows for all majors to participate. Learn more about graduation requirements for the Honors College.  

Updated: 02/09/2024 03:14PM