Honors Learning Community

"The important thing is not to stop questioning."

--Albert Einstein

Welcome to the Honors Learning Community.  We hope you enjoy your personal exploration through our program.  Even if you don’t attend BGSU, and even if you do and don’t join our community, we hope you find us to be a positive, uplifting, and welcoming community.  By combining academic vigor, critical thinking, and amazing experiences, we aspire to be the premiere track for all students motivated to succeed.   

We offer free trips, free books, and so many ways to be engaged with students and faculty.

Live, hang out, learn, experience, adventure, and excel.  That’s all what we ask of you.  

Hope to see you soon!

“A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living.”
- Rudolf Steiner

For more information or to apply check out the Honors Learning Community page or contact the Honors Learning Community Director at honors@bgsu.edu.


Updated: 07/09/2023 08:39PM