Spanish - Archived 2017-18 Graduate Catalog

Chair: Phil Peek 
Graduate Coordinator: Amy Robinson
Address: 203 Shatzel Hall
Phone: 419-372-2667
Program Web Page:

Degrees Offered

Program(s) Offered
MA, Spanish

Prerequisites to Graduate Work
Admission to graduate study in Spanish requires an undergraduate major or minor in Spanish (not less than 20 semester hours beyond the intermediate level). Applicants with less background may be accepted, provided they are willing to make up prerequisite deficiencies specified by the graduate coordinator.

Admission Procedure
Applicants seeking admission to the graduate programs in World Languages and Cultures should follow the instructions outlined in the Graduate Admission section of this Graduate Catalog.  All application materials should be sent to the Graduate Admissions Office.

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Spanish

All candidates take a qualifying examination during the first year that consists of essays covering the program’s three core fields: literature and culture of Spain; literature and culture of Latin America and Spanish linguistics. Following successful completion of the qualifying exam, candidates choose between one of the following plans (students under both plans must also demonstrate proficiency in the language): Plan I (thesis option): Candidates must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit and the writing of a thesis for which up to six semester hours of credit are granted. Plan I is recommended for individuals who expect to pursue a Ph.D. degree. Plan II (non-thesis option): Candidates must complete 36 semester hours of graduate credit as well as a final research project that includes a paper and an oral presentation.

The Department of World Languages and Cultures requires that at least 19 credits out of 36 be taken on campus.

Graduate Courses
Please access graduate courses online at Graduate courses offered by theWorld Languages and Cultures use the prefixes: FREN, ITAL, LAT, ROCS, and SPAN.