Master of Public Health (Archived 2016-17 Graduate Catalog)

The Northwest Ohio Consortium Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program is offered jointly by Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and the University of Toledo (UT). The program is designed for working professionals in a variety of health-related fields as well as individuals just completing their undergraduate degrees.

All students complete a core sequence of six courses. Specialized training is provided in five different areas of concentration or majors. Each major consists of four or five prescribed courses that are supplemented by two or three electives. Students then complete a capstone experience comprised of a professional internship or scholarly project and an integrative seminar.

The Public Health Administration major prepares students to assume applicable administrative roles in government and community agencies, health care facilities, and private industry.

The Environmental and Occupational Health major prepares students to address environmental and occupational health issues from scientific, regulatory, and administrative perspectives for private industries, regulatory agencies, consulting firms, and other organizations.

The Health Promotion and Evaluation major prepares students to assist communities, organizations, and individuals in working toward a healthier society by using appropriate educational, behavioral, and social change strategies.

The Public Health Nutrition major is designed to train people who can provide advice related to food, diets, eating disorders and other aspects of food. Students are prepared to assume advisory roles in hospitals, agencies, private industry and the government. With appropriate preparatory course work, students may also seekadmission to a separate program that leads to certification as a registered dietitian (RD).

The Public Health Epidemiology major focuses on identifying sources of data; gathering information; preparing it for analysis; analyzing data; evaluating results; preparing charts, maps and other display formats; and presenting data to groups of people. Epidemiologists are employed by organizations in private industry, health departments, academic and other training institutions, the government and groups that conduct and interpret research.

A more complete description of the Master of Public Health program is found under the heading of Public Health Administration in the Graduate Programs Offered section of this catalog. Additional information can be obtained at the program’s web site: