Master of Business Administration (Archived 2016-17 Graduate Catalog)

The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) degree features a broad, integrated curricula designed to prepare individuals for roles as creative leaders in an increasingly dynamic and global business environment by broadening their knowledge, vision, and perspective and enhancing their managerial skills. The degree stresses an understanding of the major facets of business operations and emphasizes various aspects of business decision making, including the social, political, and economic implications of those decisions.

The M.B.A. degree is offered in the College of Business Administration in Full-time, Professional, and Executive formats. The Full-time program serves primarily students with limited work experience and admits students only once per year, is offered in a cohort format, and features a series of skill seminars. The program currently features specializations in accounting, finance, and supply chain management. The Professional M.B.A. program serves students who are working full-time. The Professional program offers classes Monday through Thursday evenings, and moves students through the courses in a prescribed sequence as a cohort. The Executive M.B.A. (EMBA) program serves students with more extensive professional experience and an ongoing career. The EMBA program permits students to begin in September, is “lock-step”, meets one weekend per month (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), requires 11 courses, and includes a one-week international field trip.

All three of the programs are designed to serve students with or without an undergraduate degree in business and attract participants from business, engineering, the applied sciences, liberal arts, medicine, and other fields. The faculty for the M.B.A. degree consists of graduate faculty members from all of the College of Business Administration departments: Accounting and Management Information Systems, Applied Statistics and Operations Research, Financial Economics, Finance, Legal Studies, Management, and Marketing.

More detailed descriptions of the three M.B.A. programs are found under the heading of Business Administration in the Graduate Programs Offered section of this catalog.