Karen S. Black


Karen S. Black

  • Position: Associate Teaching Professor
  • Phone: 419.372.0941
  • Email: kheebsh@bgsu.edu
  • Address: 316h George Mylander Hall

Professional Biography/Profile

Karen began teaching at BGSU Firelands in 2012. As the coordinator for the Digital Content Creation program, Karen is at the forefront of one of the college's cutting-edge academic disciplines.

Her profession allows her to create beautiful things and share them with the world. She is passionate about helping students uncover and develop their talents and skills in visual design, photography, video production, and social media. The technology used in this field constantly changes, which keeps it fun and engaging as there is always something new to learn!

Courses Taught

VCT 1030

VCT 1040

VCT 2040

VCT 2660

VCT 2680

VCT 2820

VCT 3080

BAT 2100

Additional courses:

VCT 2080

VCT 3660

VCT 3690

VCT 4690

VCT 4820

ARTD 2010

Fieldwork/Internship Opportunities

As part of the Digital Content Creation program, students are required to do a Co-op.

Full Credentials

M.Ed. in Career and Technology Education, Bowling Green State University; B.S. in Visual Communication Technology, Bowling Green State University

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