Clark Inclusive Scholars Program

The Clark Inclusive Scholars Program (CISP) is an individualized post-secondary certificate program for students with intellectual developmental disabilities that is designed to be completed in four academic semesters/two years. Clark Scholars are engaged fully as BGSU Firelands College students, participating in college classes, student life activities, and career development. To earn the Career Pathways Certificate, students typically spend an average of 24 hours or more on the Firelands campus each week, completing coursework, receiving individualized support, gaining work experience, and socializing with peers. Each student and Program staff develop individualized plans to guide their program of study, including college courses, career development activities, student life involvement, and community engagement. Like all college students, Clark Scholars work on skills that may lead to competitive employment, meaningful careers, and community membership. CISP is generously funded by the Clark Family Foundation. Most of CISP students’ tuition is paid by the Foundation.

Eligible Applicants to CISP

  • are between the ages of 18 and 26
  • have a documented intellectual developmental disability
  • have completed a high school diploma
  • were formally eligible for special education and related services under the Individuals with Disabilities Act
  • had a good attendance and disciplinary record in secondary school
  • are not able to benefit from enrollment in a traditional academic program at BGSU
  • are personally motivated to develop self-advocacy, living, and work skills to live and work more independently
  • are able to learn and follow BGSU Codes of Conduct and community norms of behavior
  • have the capacity to navigate campus with minimal support following a period of training
  • are able to arrange for reliable transportation to and from campus
  • have the opportunity to complete the FAFSA to potentially cover the remaining costs of tuition, materials, transportation, and other college-related expenses.

CISP Funding

The Clark Inclusive Scholars Program was launched in 2019 and is possible thanks to a generous gift from the David and Jacquie Clark Family Fund. By covering the majority of the Program expenses, the foundation’s investment allows students to attend the Program for a significantly reduced tuition. Additional community support and private donations also help the Program keep student costs at a minimum.

CISP student experiences also include:

  • on- and off- campus internships or employment related to students’ preferences, interests, needs and skills.
  • daily opportunities to develop valuable work skills, supportive relationships, and self-efficacy
  • staff and Peer Mentor support
  • a mid-Program summer residential campus experience that includes assessment of and experience in a range of living skills
  • reduced cost tuition, $500 per semester, plus the costs of required books and materials.

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