BGSU Firelands’ innovative workforce development initiative advances our region’s economic future—while helping you graduate with a debt-free degree.

FirelandsWorks matches students with qualified organizations for workforce experience. Participating students enroll full-time at BGSU Firelands while working approximately 24 hours per week at a partner organization.

Student benefits:

  • Earn a degree
  • Graduate debt-free
  • Get hired and earn income
  • Enjoy workplace flexibility while enrolled

Employer benefits:

  • Employee retention—your organization can expect to retain the employees participating in the program, giving us a predictable, reliable workforce in this competitive employment market
  • Your student employees—your organization controls the interview and hiring process with a pool of vetted BGSU Firelands students
  • Regional benefit—support the region by providing the community an opportunity for gainful employment and a pathway toward earning a degree
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Updated: 08/24/2023 03:01PM