Dr. Elsy Thomas Kizhakethalackal


Dr. Elsy Thomas Kizhakethalackal

  • Position: Professor of Economics, Chair of Applied Sciences Department
  • Phone: 419-372-0608
  • Email: ekizhak@bgsu.edu
  • Address: 320D

Dr. Elsy Thomas Kizhakethalackal is a distinguished Professor of Economics and serves as the Chair of the Applied Sciences Department at BGSU Firelands. She holds a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Western Michigan University.

Focus and Expertise:

With her extensive experience in economics, Dr. Kizhakethalackal is known for her expertise in various fields, including development economics, international economics, and health economics.

Background and Engagement:

With a passion for economics that dates back to her graduate years, Dr. Kizhakethalackal pursued a doctoral program in Applied Economics from Western Michigan University. She has been affiliated with BGSU since 2009, wearing multiple hats as a teacher, researcher, and administrator. In 2018, she assumed the role of Chair for the Applied Sciences Department, demonstrating her commitment to academic leadership.

Courses taught:

  • ECON 2000
  • ECON 2020
  • ECON 2030
  • ECON 3020 (taught in the past)
  • ECON 3510 (taught in the past)

Research Interests/Selected Publications:

Dr. Kizhakethalackal's research interests have evolved over the years and currently focus on areas related to health economics. Her dedication to research has resulted in a variety of impactful publications that contribute to the understanding of economic dynamics in health and development.

Dr. Kizhakethalackal's extensive research portfolio includes:

  • "Pandemic and Higher Education – What Has Changed?"
  • "Obesity: A Rising Economic Concern"
  • "An Empirical Investigation on Factors that Impact the IMR"
  • "Count-data Analysis of physician Emigration from Developing Countries: A Note"
  • "Lean Higher Education: Successes, Challenges, and Realizing Potential"
  • "Quantile regression analysis of health-aid and infant mortality: a note"
  • "Empirics of Health-aid, Education and Infant Mortality: A Semiparametric Study"
  • "Incidence of Tuberculosis and its Determinants: A Systems GMM Analysis"
  • "A Note on Infant Mortality and Foreign Health-aid"
  • "Stress and Health Implications of Domestic Violence"
  • "Money Supply Analysis"

For more information or to explore Dr. Kizhakethalackal's research, please visit her Curriculum Vitae or contact her at ekizhak@bgsu.edu.

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