Dr. Chris Mruk


  • Position: Professor of Psychology
  • Phone: 419-433-5560
  • Email: cmruk@bgsu.edu
  • Address: 318 George Mylander Hall

Professional Biography/Profile

Dr. Christopher Mruk is a distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology at BGSU Firelands. He earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University and has an extensive history in academia.

Focus and ExpertiseĀ 

With a rich background in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Mruk is known for his expertise in various aspects of psychology. He has a special emphasis on self-esteem and positive psychology, which he incorporates into his teaching and research.

Courses Taught

PSYC 3050: Personality Adjustment
PSYC 4050: Abnormal Behavior
PSYC 4400: General Seminar-Positive Psychology
PSYC 7850: Directed Readings

Research Interests/Selected Publications

Dr. Mruk's research interests encompass the psychology of self-esteem, positive psychology, and clinical psychology. His published works include four books and numerous articles and chapters that delve into these areas.

Dr. Mruk is the author of several impactful books, including:

  • "Succeeding at your internship: A handbook written for and with students"
  • "Feeling good by doing good: A guide to authentic self-esteem"
  • "Self-esteem and positive psychology: Research, theory, and practice (4th ed)"
  • "Zen and psychotherapy: Integrating traditional and nontraditional psychotherapies"

Background and Engagement

Dr. Mruk's academic journey spans decades, marked by numerous accomplishments. He is an Associate Editor of the American Psychological Association's (APA) journal "The Humanistic Psychologist" and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association. His commitment to psychology extends beyond the classroom, as he has served as a community mental health center psychologist, supervised a methadone treatment program, and worked in crisis intervention. His extensive experience enriches his teaching and research activities, contributing to the field and his students' education.

Dr. Mruk has received prestigious accolades that underscore his dedication to teaching and academic excellence. Notably, he was honored with the coveted "Professor of Teaching Excellence Award," the university's highest recognition for exceptional teaching. This accolade not only places him in the forefront of educational excellence within the university but also reflects his profound impact on students and colleagues.

Moreover, Dr. Mruk has been awarded the university's prestigious "Lifetime Achievement Award," a distinction conferred upon only one individual annually. This honor recognizes his enduring commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and his profound contributions to the university community. Notably, these university-wide accolades complement the three distinguished teaching awards and three distinguished research awards he has received from BGSU Firelands, further exemplifying his dedication to the field of education.

For more information or to engage with Dr. Mruk's work, you can reach out to him at cmruk@bgsu.edu or visit his office in 318 George Mylander Hall.

Full Credentials

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Duquesne University, B.S. in Psychology, Michigan State University

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